Euro 2012 Final

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Who will win Euro 2012?

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  1. Spain

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  2. Italy

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  1. Simple Question:




    and Why?



    Having posted this is the wrong section...can someone move it?
  2. Wrong section, Super Seabs to the rescue.

    Also going Spain, everything looks to be on their side tbh. Not played as good as they can but they're getting the job done.
  3. spain. just a guess. dont watch football
  4. [​IMG]

    Forza Italia.
  5. Spain. Del bosque will load the midfield, take out the striker and then Spain seem simply unbeatable.
  6. Guess I'm the only one rooting for Italy.. Nice.
  7. Rooting and who you think is winning are different things. Though I am personally rooting for Spain.
  8. I'm rooting and think Italy is winning. Boom.
  9. Well, you're gay. Tehehehehe. :boss1:
  10. [​IMG]

    Says the 'turn for' man..
  11. Come on, the people I turn for are gods.

    But you don't have to call me gay, fag.. :upset:
  13. I'd turn for Jose.

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  14. :sad:
  15. Yeah be sad, be super sad. :annoyed:

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  16. Ninja please I've been pulling for Italy from the start.
  17. Im going with Spain. If they won that world cup, pretty sure they can win this too.
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