Euro 2012 Predictions?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Zamorakian, May 14, 2012.

  1. Personally I think it'll be Spain and Germany as the last two teams remaining and ofcourse Germany will win the cup as I've always predicted.

  2. Spain and Germany in the final.

    Spain will win on penalties.
  3. Lol Germany.

    Spain & Holland in the final. Spain to win, no one can beat Spain.
  4. Spain and Holland will be in the final, Holland will win 100%..
    Germany ain't got shit on Holland.
  5. I'll root for the Dutch, but of course Spain will win.

  6. Laugh all you want, you'll see when it comes.
  7. Spain will face either Holland or Germany in the finals.

    England will make it to at least quarter finals but most likely semi finals. Sweden the same. Our squad is really coming together stronger then it's been in years and the young bucks are finding their place in the team with the vets.
  8. You need to follow the countries football to know about this tbh Ziggles. I had reason with my post.

    Spain - Current holders, coming off a world cup win. They play as a team, not as individuals. Their style is still unmatched. Their league has the top two clubs in world football absolutely filled with Spanish players, they're unmatched. Nothing can counter their football style at the moment. The players they have is unbelievable. The likes of Fabregas, Mata, Navas, Llorente, Martinez, Alba, etc all won't start. They will get into any other team but Spain.

    Holland - Despite a group of players who play in a mass of different leagues, they play for Dutch pride. Holland have always been known as the greatest underachievers in national football. They will get to the final I think. Robin Van Persie is in tremendous form, Sneijder and Robben have had great seasons, their strong.

    Germany - Their league has been poor yet again this season, poor quality of German players shining. They still have the likes of Ozil and Gomez but generally they're not a winning team. They'll play their way to the semi-finals with ease I think, but Spain or Holland will knock them out imo.

    England - Manager has like a month to prepare, we're not going to win. I'm actually thinking the Germans will knock us out, despite our squad being the 2nd best national squad in world football, easily.

    France might get close, but they'll flop too.
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  9. That bitch Toivonen better be keeping his hands next to his body, don't want to see the ass giving punches at the championship..


    Nice post Crayo, good explanations. van der Vaart is doin' good too, Huntelaar was pretty much on fire for a part of the season.


  10. Yeah VDV is awesome. I haven't seen enough of Huntelaar this season tbh to judge.

    You have great keepers to. Krul I feel should start.
  11. Krul did an awesome job this season, but without a doubt, van Marwijk wil choose Stekelenburg for sure..
  12. I'm surprised. Krul has proven himself in the hardest league in the world and is really young. But Ste is an awesome keeper too so yeah. We literally have one amazing keeper and that's it - Joe Hart.
  13. Hart is the man for England atm. Any chance of Milner in the starting line-up?
  14. God no. I doubt he'll make the sub bench.
  15. :cry:

    He's soo good in fifa..
  16. No he's not lmao.
  17. Big blow for us is Jack Wilshere not being there. The best young midfielder in the world imo.
  18. Wilshere not in the Euro 2012-squad for England?
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