europa league and champions league semi final draw

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  1. champions league
    B munich vs barcelona
    B dortmund vs r madrid

    Europa league
    Basel v chelsea
    Fenebache v benfica
  2. The best draw imo. Imagine an El-Classico final!
  3. :true: imo Dortmund is a great team. And between Munich or Barcelona I think Barcelona is easier
  4. Honestly think (and hope) that Bayern will beat Barca.
  5. Barca vs Dortmund is the final I want.
  6. i want an all german final with dortmund winning it what does everyone think will happen in the europa id like basel to win it probably one of the most underated teams in europe imo
  7. :pity1:
  9. I'd like to watch that match but I prefer Borussia Dortmund going to the finale against Real Madrid because I want to see the rematch
  10. Dormund plays madrid in the semi finale :mad2:
  11. That'd be hella fun to watch. It's practically experience vs. newbies.
  12. Real vs Bayan would be dope to witness.
  13. Ops, it's true... Madrid can take revenge on last year's semi finale
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