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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by RVD_86, May 6, 2016.

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  1. I personally would love to see the return of this Title. It would make a lot more sense to have it back now as the WWE has much more of a standing and popularity in Europe ever since they started bringing more main stream shows to Europe in the last decade.

    In addition to this, the rise in European talents on the main roster more so than there has been in the past and at this point in time, the roster has expanded greatly whereby the company are in need of more titles to incorporate them all...
  2. They would have to get rid of the title, which won't happen unless a European wins the US. Title and changes it to the European Title for storyline purposes... I would love to see them get rid of the Woman's Title for the Euro Title, but there's no chance of it happening.
  3. They have to treat the whole roster better to bring back that belt, they do have enough to bring it it back but they don't treat the roster well enough to make it mean anything.
  4. So what you want this title to be just for Europeans wrestlers only and not any other nationality? Also they have two midcard belts, that is fine imo. wwe hardly book theses titles well so another one would be a waste
  5. No need to bring back another midcard title, all they need to do is invest in what they have now.
  6. No, it would be open for any wrestler the same way the U.S title is. Just a title to acknowledge European involvement and fan base would make sense imo. I think if they improved booking of titles they should bring back European and Cruiserweight titles. I would love that. I would prefer to see U.S and Intercontinental titles brought together and just have the one title. But it would spark a huge debate as to which title should remain as both titles have a loyal following of fans split evenly down the middle.

    But I accept the point that the titles are being booked poorly at the moment and this would have to be improved first.
  7. I do not get why a European fan base would care for such a title, and if you want to acknowledge the European contingent of wrestlers then book them better. no need for a pointless title. just book the ic the main mid card belt and the US as the second one give it some time and devotion.
  8. It would be another title for talent that is entry level main roster perhaps making the step up from NXT. I don't see it being a mid card title. I personally saw it before as lower than both IC and US titles. Those two titles aren't enough to give a lot of the crowded mid card roster and below a meaningful time in the WWE. It's easy for fans to forget talent that isn't winning championships of some description I think.

    As for European fan base, I think would really take to a Euro title if booked right. I like the direction the company is going in recently with the new generation of stars but the title picture is something they need to seriously look at and alter to make it something fresh and more exciting. Make the belts meaningful again and longer reigns for wrestlers that win them as opposed to changing hands every month.
  9. Why would a European fan care if someone like ziggler is holding the title as you said your self it is for all wrestlers not just European.As I said In my last post i would book the ic as the main mid card belt and the US below that as lower card one. You have IC,US and tag titles to give the roster who are not main eventing something to do. More then enough for things for the mid card/lower roster
  10. Why would they not care? How does anyone know unless they experiment?!?
    Plus I don't think a lot of fans would agree with your perception of the IC and US titles with one being superior to the other. It's all a matter of opinion and I respect that.

    There are also wrestlers who aren't suited to tag team competition and that isn't an option for them and vice versa. So more titles the better in my opinion. Just need them booked right.
  11. well let's add another 3 more titles by your logic, maybe 4 or 5. Hell give every wrestler a title.

    Also I do not get the Euro fans bit at all, makes no sense. Just make it a exclusive title for Europeans then that would maybe make more sense and get euro fans on board but it is still absolutely pointless.
  12. Like I said, I respect your opinion and accept not everybody agrees with it, but I think your last message just shows you have absolutely no understanding of what I am saying. When I say more titles the better, I mean a select few more with meaning like the Euro title, the cruiserweight title, perhaps a womens tag title.....I wasn't implying that there should be an obscene amount of titles or a title per wrestler that you rather stupidly said putting words in my mouth.

    But I would like to see you try and win the argument with the pro wrestling community that the IC Title is at a higher level than the US title. I doubt you'd get an all out majority for that one and that's because fans have different tastes and opinions. Similar to what we are discussing here!
  13. I never said the IC was higher or below the US, i was saying thats how i would personally book it, you have no understanding of any of my points.
  14. That's a stupid point you raise. I am obviously aware it isn't that way....I was talking about your WWE insight and on convincing people to se it your way which wouldn't happen. But you can say that with virtually any topic in wrestling
  15. They have enough titles in the midcard as it is, thanks. Two championships is plenty enough to build the midcard around, a third title would just begin to dilute the prestige of the other two.
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  16. agree with the prestige thing.
  17. Ironically, WWE has seem to stop catering the European fans, as much as they did before. Back when the European title was made, WWE had 2/3 EU exclusive PPVs. Plus they ran tours.

    I don't think it deserves a return because the Intercontinental Title already fulfills the need for a continental title. It was utterly useless after Shawn Michaels won it. Nothing more than a prop and was handed down more often than any other title not named Hardcore. It had no real purpose anyways, as a lower midcard title, it didn't make much sense why an American promotion would be promoting a European title. Especially, if the majority of champions weren't even from Europe.

    It was unique, but I don't think it warrants a return.
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