WrestleMania Eva Marie could win the belt?

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  1. So there is a rumor of sorts going around that Eva Marie will be in the match of Alexa Bliss vs The WORLD at Wrestlemania 33 for the SmackDown Women's Championship. I don't think it has been set in stone she will actually be in the match but it made others speculate on scenarios where she actually wins the belt...


    Now when I first heard this I thought "Oh yeah right!" but how big of a trolling would it be for her to actually win the belt? Specially if she pulls a Jericho (like at RR) and does next to nothing in the actual match... Then goes on to win! I am not apposed to this because Alexa losing the belt may set her up to be drafted to Raw. Yes, BOO THAT SHOW SUCKS! But... BUT! This means we can see Alexa vs Charlotte down the road and I think that would make for some interesting matches.

    What do you think? Will she be in the match? Could she actually win the belt if she is?
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  2. If that happens...

    Please....she hasn't wrestled a WWE main roster match in years...
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    It would be very interesting to say the least...but in all reality I feel that Naomi will recover in time and she will capture the gold again in her home town!.....but if All Red Everything could slide in a win at WM it would be huge.....Don't know if that's a good huge or a bad huge tho?????
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  4. Yeah she is rumored to be in the match as well. I wouldn't mind her winning it back.
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  5. Yes, me too I actually would be cool with Alexa retaining, Naomi winning it back or Mickie James surprising the world!
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  6. Well...this is interesting...

    Okay...so first of all we don't know what type of match it will be...
    Secondly...we don't know who will actually be competing in said match...
    Oh...I know...let's make a list of possibles...

    ~ Alexa Bliss
    ~ Becky Lynch
    ~ Natalya
    ~ Mickie James
    ~ Carmella
    ~ Nikki Bella
    ~ Maryse
    ~ Naomi
    ~ Tamina
    ~ Eva Marie

    I'd say the first 5 are confirmed...
    Nikki & Maryse have other plans...
    Naomi is currently injured and is reported a 50/50 chance of making it...
    While both Tamina & Eva Marie haven't been seen on TV in what feels
    like an age.

    Now I've heard this match has been set up this way so it leaves the door
    open for Naomi if she is ready to return at Wrestlemania to swoop in and
    regain the title in her home town to what I'm sure will be a massive pop.

    But...let's say Naomi doesn't make it back...let's look at this from a story
    telling perspective.

    ~ If Alexa retains it gives her a big win very early in her career and will
    allow Naomi to challenge the Blissful one once she returns from injury.

    ~ Now of the available women competing for the title...Becky is the only
    face and after tapping out at Wrestlemania 32...it could be a great chance
    for Becky to regain the title for a second run and have her own Wrestlemania
    moment. Of course...unless they go for a face vs. face feud...Becky regaining
    the title may once again mean Naomi will have to move to the "back of the line"

    ~ Now...the real dark horse in this situation could be Natalya. She's a heel,
    experienced and could put on some great matches with Naomi when she
    returns. You could also make the point that Natalya deserves a run with
    the title as she has been a loyal performer for the company and has put
    up with some truly awful booking and creative choices.

    ~ Now Mickie James has already had her Wrestlemania moment (as botchie
    and X-rated as it was) but she could make history at this Mania and become
    the first woman to hold the original women's title, the Divas title and a "New
    era" women's title. Plus I'm sure Mickie could put on some great matches with
    Naomi on her return...even if her matches with Becky Lynch have fallen some
    what flat (in my opinion)

    ~ Carmella does not deserve to win the title at this stage of her career...and
    there is also the fact that she has hardly wrestled much in the last month or
    so. Plus...she seems to be struggling to get any reaction from the WWE crowds.

    Now...the wild cards...

    ~ A returning Tamina winning the title would be a huge shock...but...I don't
    think the WWE would pull that trigger. No one knows exactly what kind of role
    she'll be playing once she's back on TV...but rumor is she may-be booked as
    a face and paired back up with Naomi when she returns.

    ~ And finally...Eva Marie. Now I could honestly see WWE having Eva win this
    match...and if its an elimination or gauntlet match...it would be easy enough
    to book. We know that the WWE has a habit of deliberately fucking with its
    audience and Eva winning the title would be like one giant middle finger to the
    face of nearly every fan.

    If they do give the belt to Eva...I could see her loosing it 2 nights later to Becky,
    Naomi...or hell...the most amazing booking would be a debuting Asuka walking
    straight in, kicking Eva in the face and winning the title in under a minute...but
    again...that is just wishful thinking/fantasy booking on my part.

    Honestly...I hope Naomi is healthy enough to make Wrestlemania and she wins
    the title back...but if she isn't...I'd be happy with anyone except Carmella or Eva.
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  7. I think she will return, but I don't think she will win the title
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  8. She's been off TV for quite a while, so I wouldn't be surprised if she left the company soon.

    As for her coming back and actually winning the title, nope.
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  9. If she wins it ruins all the legitimacy the division of SD has built up, but it will be a shocker.
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  10. Eva Marie is a horrible wrestler and not a hard worker at all! If she wins the belt it will devalue not just the women's championship and the past and present champions but all women. I mean she cannot just go and shoot a movie or whatever the hell she has been doing and come back get a title shot (which itself is ridiculous) and win! It is outrageous and demeaning to the women!
  11. She doesn't fight post-draft and before she could conclude the angle she gets suspended for 30 days, stays away for like more than 30 days and returns at WM33 to no pop and wins the championship...

    It fits well with her troll gimmick. Honestly if this happened it would make up for the travesty Goldberg/ Lesnar will be, for me at least.
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  12. It would be a Raw thing to do lol
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  13. That is what I was thinking. Her character is a troll and to be a troll, you have to win by doing next to nothing. Like having someone like her win just makes people hate her even more. That is the kind of heel that I know a lot of people don't like but they get heat and people get invested in watching these kinds of heels fail. So if she did win, and tried to avoid wrestling as much as possible with the belt... when she actually does and loses, who ever puts her down looks amazing, like a hero. lol
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  14. I agree. I think this entire match format is a set up to have Naomi as a surprise competitor in the match and to win her belt back at WrestleMania.

    It also works as an out if she doesn't recover in time. She was never announced, so it wouldn't be as big a let down as it would have been if it had been.
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  15. Raw Belt has no legitimacy though lol

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  16. Not while Bayley is wearing it...
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    I am all for Charlotte vs Alexa Bliss.

    Whatever happens we need a big mixup after mania in the women's division.

    I think Alexa vs Charlotte is a long shot in actuality, but I want Charlotte to keep come away with the title. Alexa gets drafted to Raw. Alexa can't beat Charlotte clean so she draws some major heat for a couple of months before beating Charlotte and getting the title.

    Charlotte then has the perfect opportunity to complete the gradual face turn and win her title back from Bliss.

    Just a thought I have been having.
  18. Hopefully.

    I mean I know she's shit, and I know people will rage but c'mon guys, the SmackDown Womens Division is absolutely unwatchable garbage without Eva around. At least it'd be a change from Alexa who is pretty shit as well, and Becky who is booked like such a loser.
  19. Bliss isn't that bad in comparison to most of the female roster. Not my cup of tea but she isn't garbage. As for Becky, I still think wrestling wise, she is one of the best ones they have because she can take moves well BUT she needs to be booked like a brawler. I think it is about time they let the women have a bit more power in their matches, not just at big PPV's.