Eva Marie seen as a ''star''

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  1. http://www.prowrestling.com/backstage-news-on-eva-marie-wwe-releases-nxt-star-mercury/

    ^^^ News in link on Eva Marie being seen as a ''star'' on tv whether she can wrestle or not and WWE working out a role for her. I honestly think she can be a star she clearly stands out from all the other divas with the red hair and that attitude she has. I think she could be a velet for someone and then break out on her own. For all the haters on here dont spam this thread as this is a genuine discussion
  2. I've only ever watched the first episode of Total Divas, so I don't know much about her, but she doesn't stand out to me at all. Alicia Fox has red hair too and look at her, she's a jobber and has been for awhile. I'll hold my tongue on my assumptions until she's actually wrestling instead of bouncing her titties in a bikini or whatever, but from what I've seen so far, I am not impressed at all. Sad that she actually lives around me too.
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  3. Pretty much just took my opinion........fuck off!
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  4. You took my opinion too
  5. I can say I like looking at her, but not much more than that so far
  6. What does Eva Marie have to do with astronomy? :idk:
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  7. :lol1::lol1::lol1::lol1:

    This is just my general opinion for your general discussion.
  8. +1

    Made me lol :obama:
  9. I try.:adr:
  10. I could see Eva playing a good valet, but not much more. She would be good to pair with someone who would struggle to get heel heat e.g. If Evan Bourne was to return as a heel (probably not), Eva would work well as his valet.
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  11. Evan and Eva :isee:
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  12. Bayley >>> Eva when it comes to the best female wrestler from my area. :obama:
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  13. Lady Deathbane so your from LA where Eva is from? theres no shame in coming from the same state as her. Also you didnt have to spam my twitter account and here to tell me about my sig pic its re sized now
  14. LA...? Eva Marie is from Concord, California which is in the Bay Area, lmao. I swore they mentioned Eva Marie coming from the Bay Area in the first episode of Total Divas.

    And I'm not "ashamed" perse, I just don't like her so far.

    And lmfao, it was a joke mostly, but you were ignoring my messages on here, so what else was I suppose to do? :pity:
  15. Porn star?
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  16. I don't she'll be a good wrestler in the slightest,but hey, she has looks and that's pretty much all you need.
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  17. [​IMG]
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  18. She'll make a good ring announcer in TNA
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  19. Hihihihi you just said ''ass'' in finnish.

    ...thats basically all i had to say. Good evening.
  20. Yeah she would.
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