News Rumor Eva Marie suspended

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Aug 18, 2016.

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  1. The 30 day banhammer running wild.

    EDIT: WWE confirmation
    Probably was living that 420 lifestyle with her transvestite squad.
  3. I hope her ring announcer announces her as suspended for the entire month
  4. What if this is a work just to delay her debut?
  5. EVA MARIE!!! ...has been delayed due to druuuugssss mkay...
  6. Must have been one hell of a party all these people attended.
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  7. Swagger giving everyone pot brownies backstage or something?

  8. Snoop Dogg did visist backstage a couple of weeks back.

    Ask the questions.

    Connect the dots.
  9. I can't help but theorize that these suspensions are more of a scape goat after the Lesnar fiasco. By busting workers, of rather low-profile, they show that they are responsible with taking down drug use.

    Otherwise, I still can't believe people are willing to suggest that WWE will use drugs as a work. WWE knows it's limits and drug use, especially after Vince McMahon almost went to prison for it, is a no-go.

    On another note, I'm sure that the 3 of the these guys are linked, at least in the substance that's being used.
  10. I call Total Divas shenanigans.
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  11. This is fucking awful news. She was actually a big reason I've enjoyed Smackdown the last few weeks lol her delayed debut stuff is great. I'd laugh so hard if this was a part of the gimmick but I highly doubt that.
  12. I bet that the drug testings were getting pretty lax before Reigns got busted and the whole thing with Lesnar. Becuz these people were obviously thinking that they could still get away with it and what ever they were taking would be out of their system before the next drug test
  13. WTF is going on? LOL

    I guess Alexa and Nattie will have to find a new partner now.

    This is gonna be great, btw. The next time she's about to make her debut on SmackDown, her ring announcer should announce she's been suspended for a month.

    Imagine the heat when she returns after a month and her music hits. lol
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  14. A note: It might not necessarily be drugs.
    It is against WWE's wellness policy to consume alcohol within 12 hours before a scheduled WWE appearance. This includes public appearances.

    So someone could have just been too drunk one too many times
  15. On the other hand. If they bust everyone but Lesnar it makes them look incredibly biased
  16. She was an alcoholic before WWE and apparently doesn't drink anymore, so probably not the case.
  17. I honestly won't be surprised at all if more people get busted for adderall. Working a long physical day with training, having a match, and being at the arena all day and then having to make a 4-6 hour drive after the show at night a few times a week and having to fly into the town in the first place has gotta make these people exhausted and want to pop a couple addys to make it to the next gig
  18. Ehh. I wont be missing her.

    And this seems a bit odd that 3 wrestlers are not suspended. What was going on? :hmm:
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  19. WWE must have been doing tests yesterday and a few people got caught out on it, might have been alcohol, might have been drugs we don't know and I doubt we'll know. Its a shame, Eva Marie had a great thing going.
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