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Discussion in 'NXT' started by Cloud, Aug 8, 2014.

  1. Even on NXT this girl looks awful! Her match vs Bayley last night was laughable at how bad she is and how the crowd just laid in to her.
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  2. I absolutely hate the fact that the NXT girls have to suffer. I mean what could they have possibly done to receive the punishment of having to work with Eva Marie?
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  3. That's what annoyed me watching it. Why should the talent on that program have to put a match on with a girl who can't sell, has zero moves and is just a plot of Total Divas!

    I suppose it helps see if they can put matches on against poor opposition but god she is the worst!
  4. I loved the "Worse than Batista" chants. If you're worse than him in Full Sail's eyes, man.
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  5. Lol that was the saving grace! First Bayley did ok with what she had to work with. Second the crowd destroyed her which was great an the Batista chant was a highlight.
  6. Mason Ryan > Batista > Eva Marie.

  7. I like Batista.
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  8. Full Sail actually does appreciate him though, he did a small visit there on 6/12 and had a speech/segment thing and Bo Dallas also got involved. There's a video.
  9. Shit wrong thread.
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  10. Yes, I remember that. Was a funny segment.
  11. Great owning it Nero.

    So, why are we bashing Eva Marie. I'm offended. You joins make it seem as if you'd push the chick off your jock. LOL

    'No, Eva Marie I don't want to bang you even though you're clearly begging for it'. LOL

    Eva Marie is great. You people should be ashamed. She deserves respect and will, no doubt,
    make more money than the Moolahs down in NXT.
    Sorry, those chicks have to deal with it. You clowns who think Eva Marie looks like a man are really ones to talk.
  12. I'm bashing her cause she is everything I hate with the world. Talentless but pushed due to reality TV. Whilst the talent struggles to get noticed as they are not what is wanted on the program for various reasons. All reality TV is the same it makes minor celebrities out of the wrong ppl.
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  13. I haven't watched this weeks show yet, but I heard that she was really upset after the taping.

    I'm by no means a fan of hers (I've said some less than nice things about her in the past) but some of the blame for her lack of abilities has to go to the WWE. They decided to only give her eight weeks basic training and then put her on the main roster. A toddler could tell you that is a bad idea.
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  14. I want to say this respectfully because you seem like an honorable human being who works his a** off to make a decent living. You have every right to state your opinions. You're a decent dude.

    However, it sounds like you are blaming her for the position she's in. You said, 'she is everything I hate about the world.' You don't know her personally and those are pretty inflammatory remarks.
    You also said, 'it makes minor celebrities out of the wrong ppl.' Again you are judging woman for something you only see on the screen.
    It sounds to me as if you're jealous, that you wish you were famous because you are the right ppl. If you harbor resentment because you perceive her as somebody who hasn't worked for what she has, you're not alone.
    It's possible she is privileged, but is also possible she's sacrificed more than you could understand.
    If anybody is to blame, blame WWE. They write her checks and put her on screen. Being angry at this woman and what she has isn't worth it.

    Agreed. She isn't there yet. Apparently, female wrestlers aren't perceived as being so dangerous when they are green. She wasn't hired to wrestle, she was hired to be famous and make the company money.
    They intend to maximize what youth she has left before she bolts. Again, blame the Empire for shortcomings. I like her a lot. She isn't a wrestler, but she also isn't stupid enough to turn down fame when its just handed to her.
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  15. Well, she's not a very good worker. I don't hate her myself (probably because I don't watch the Divas show so as far as I'm concerned she's just another girl who can't work and is barely on screen lol), but I did find Full Sail's burial of her very entertaining.
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  16. not sucked my dick.
  17. I like looking at her :fap:
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  18. lol @ Total Divas footage in her titantron. Really?
  19. That is a bit cornish, its not like they're gonna show her moveset highlighting dat ring savvy.

    She doesn't have to be a good worker, she's hot. Being hot is her job.
  20. Well, sure. It's the norm these days. It would help my particular enjoyment if she were a good worker though. :dawg:
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