Eva Marie's costume looks stupid as hell

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Aug 20, 2013.

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  1. I feel that if she wore less clothes she'll improve her agillity by 68.99% making her 68.995% better wrestler.:otunga:
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  2. Does it even matter? Austin Aries could come out in a boiler suit and still be great in ring.

    It doesnt look that bad, She and Maria werent horrible for the little training they have had.
  3. Had to look up Austin Aries. Not a TNA fan, sorry. :urm:

    And I agree, they did ok with the actual wrestling match for having so little experience.
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  4. Its fine, Watch some Aries matches though, He is awesome.
  5. And of course it matters. These are the divas.
  6. LOL like any of you virgins know anything about fashion or what looks good. Her attire is clearly a throwback to the old school girl wrestler outfits from back in the day. Any IDIOT can see that. I guess if she came out in a see through bikini you pervs would be satisfied and think it was "amazing" *eye roll* please find a girlfriend.
  7. Bait-more. Your execution was lackluster at best, lacked enthusiasm and didn't portray enough concentration while substituting opinion for baseless insults.

    Lampoonery these days... A-- would not read again.
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  8. tripinthehead69 has a wife so I hardly think he is a virgin or needs a girlfriend
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  9. Sorry there are no pictures, you primitive douche.
  10. Basic insult, lacked much wit.
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  11. Congratulations, you've earned a free trip to the island of ignorance. Please redeem your ticket at the local library, granted you could ever find one.

    I don't actually give a shit what this topic is about, or who they're talking about, or what wrestling is, but clearly you've got problems expressing your opinions without trying to sound tough and hard with insults. Have fun in life, or forever be ignorant and hated.
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  12. Not trying to be witty, try again.
  13. User fails to impress with attempted wit.

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  14. Eva Marie shouldnt be in the ring nevermind her attire she is a liability she could hurt someone for how untrained she is
  15. Island of ignorance, you seem to know a great deal about it. Including it's location.....been there before? And you clearly cared enough to reply multiple times. Did my "virgin" comment stike a nerve? Clearly so. But it's not the end of the world. Blow up dolls are fairly cheap, not the real thing but close enough to make you feel like a "man" LOL. Nice insults by the way, captain hypocrite.
  16. You quoted me, I replied. It's called conversation. I understand your childhood might have been lacking with good conversation, so I'll ignore the fact that you missed that point.

    I'm flattered that you think you're on my level of insults, but you can keep your "fuck off u fukin douche nuget turd wers ur god now? virgin homosexual" while I'll be over here actually thinking about what I say instead of vomiting into alphabet soup and typing the result.
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  17. :true:
  18. I came in here quoting nobody, made my post and left. You quoted me first seeing as how you were SO OFFENDED lolz. If I wanted a conversation with you, I would have did that to begin with. Idiot.
  19. You're the only male in this thread to have ever touched a vagina. That's huge! *drinks with you*
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