Evaluate the career of Edge.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by seabs, Jul 20, 2012.

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  1. From tag team wrestler to WWE champion to Hall Of Fame class leader, what did you think of the career of the Rated R Superstar, Edge? Also how did you rate him as a competitor?
  2. I thought he was pretty awesome. My ffavourite part of his career though was when he was with Christian. They were the best together :yay: After seeing both of his documentaries, I say he has worked quite hard to have the awesome career he has had.
  3. He deserved what he got. He deserves more IMO. He's really good since he started, and there was never a dull moment in his career. I liked his E&C days the most, then his relationship with Lita. He's a great wrestler.

  4. He worked hard to get where he was. He waited years until he got his first world championship and overcame so much. He is great at singles and tag team competition, and even better when it's no DQ. He can make any match look great, and play a good face, and an even better heel. I give him a 9.5/10
  5. He had a great career. He was both a successful tag team wrestler and singles wrestler. Won the WWE Title, WHC, IC Title, US Title and Tag Team Titles. Also won the Rumble, KOTR and MITB, main evented Wrestlemania 24 and was in a world title match at three other Wrestlemanias. He also has been involved in some of the best ladder matches ever.

    However, his overall legacy kinda lies somewhere in the middle for me. He is not in the category of guys who drew HUGE money, guys like Hogan and Austin and Rock, who had an industry-changing impact. But he is also not exactly in the category of guys known primarily for being masterful wrestlers in the ring, such as Bret or Flair or Michaels.
  6. He had an awesome career filled with plenty of positives in it. My favorite part of his career was when he was with Lita. One of the best heels of all time, in my opinion. He could play a very good face, as well. All the achievement she ever got in the WWE (and there were plenty of them) were fully deserved. A great wrestler, and very good on the mic (especially as a heel). Edge put on classic matches at the grandest stage of them all, Wrestlemania (versus Mick Foley / versus the Hardy Brothers and The Dudleys, etc. etc.). Overall, a very cool guy and I am very glad that he was a part of the WWE and the wrestling business.
  7. He was a brilliant wrestler, not going to write loads because it will bore you but you probably know what I am going to say anyway.

    I rate him 100/10 - if he didn't have so many neck injuries and was still wrestling, he would be actually be making RAW and Smackdown good.
  8. I think everyone's answer would be the same in that saying Edge is defiantly one of the legends of WWE, his time with not only Lita, but Christian as well was awesome, but don't take away anything that he did on his own, his best time may have come with Christian, but he was still admired (by me anyway) solo, simply put Edge = Hall Of Fame.
  9. If only edge didn't have so many neck injuries! :emoji_slight_frown:
  10. Talented competitor, great career. Deserved everything he got.
  11. I think this short message sums it up pretty well, Edge was a very talented athlete, and his talent led to great success. 12 time tag champion, 7 time WHC, 4xWWE champion. Edge worked hard and deserved what he got, It's a damn shame he had to retire due to his neck injury.
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