Evan Bourne news.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 19, 2012.

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  1. Feel sorry for the guy, even if he is a derp.
  2. I really hope his career wil continue. Why is he a derp @[Crayo]?
  3. Caught 2 times doing drugs.
  4. Getting caught doing drugs two times when you work for a company with a very strict no drugs policy is quite derpish.
  5. I thought Crayo was talking about his face, lol.
  6. I agree, but personally, I wouldn't fire him becuz he seems like a good person. Giving bad interviews or being cross with the fans r fire-able offenses. He needs rehab.
  7. I hope he does get fired in all honesty, he's too good from a wrestling standpoint to sit in the lower card. Let him work a few dates for Chikara, he'd be incredible there.
  8. I'd keep him for the day we get the cruiser-weight championship back :emoji_slight_smile:
  9. Evan Bourne got suspended twice within a month or something like of failing the wellness test I doubt he will get pushed at all when he does return. And this injury just makes matters worse as hes just delaying the possibility of getting fired
  10. Even though he has acted derpishly in recent months, he's still unlucky. Right on the week of his return, the guy hurts his foot, badly. Out until november? Damn. Tough. I like him in the ring, but I don't think he'll get far in the WWE. Only problem is Air Boom was actually helping the tag division a lot, but... oh well.
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