Evan Bourne return update

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Sep 15, 2012.

  2. Wonder how long it is before he gets back in the ring, and gets suspended on the same day for been high?
  4. I thought he was gone tbh.
  5. I don't really mind him being gone. To be honest I don't miss him.
  6. Evan Bourne is still on the pay roll??? seriously this guy has been gone ages I thought WWE would of released him
  7. Not sure if you bothered to read the OP, but he's injured.
  8. Bourne is a great high flier, I've always had a thought of him as Rey Rey's protégé have him adopt and be accepted into the lucha culture in Kayfabe after Rey's "training". Bourne works the Rey style to a T so that wouldn't be an issue, you can even have him adopt a mask if he feels comfortable working with it. They could be a great team leading into a midcard title reign before aligning with Cara in a kind of Lucha stable. Bourne and Cara as a team with Rey as their manager and occasional upper mid card wrestler.
  9. Good, he's a good flyer. I don't think he'll get far in WWE because he doesn't fit their style, has already two strikes and etc, but I like his matches.
  10. The thing will Bourne is their too many people just like him. Kidd, Gabriel, Epico, Primo, Sin Cara possibly.
  11. That's true. Well, cruiserweight wrestler style, there are many like that indeed.
  12. And WWE should be taking advantage of this and teaming them up and creating tag-teams, and creating a new Cruiserweight division.
  13. Yeah, that'd be nice. Until they made Hornswoggle bury the entire division.
  14. Yeah that sucked, but I think most people would be in agreement that their is a whole lot of unused talent which is been wasted and this title could get them some air-time. Which is good I suppose. :obama:
  15. I know, it can be good if given enough attention. But considering how much WWE cares about divisions, we'd have 5 minute matches on Raw that don't mean anything and feel like they're unimportant. Although if it was booked correctly and given enough time I'd love to see it.

  16. I completely agree, and I bet you could get some amazing feuds also to go with the amazing matches. 6 man TLC cruiserweight match. Oh my goodness.
  17. No doubt about it. :gusta:
  18. Agree
  19. Thanks for agreeing.
  20. i miss the shooting star press!
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