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  1. evan_bourne_by_dontcare11-d636hi2.png Evan Bourne was Seen on Smackdown Tapings, We might Be seeing His return Soon :emoji_slight_smile:
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  2. It would be good, TALENT which was fucked-Up by Vince
  3. CRAP! Evan Sucks More than Vince, he'd right thing.
    Useless Jobber, even Heath Slater can defeat him!
  4. Never really been a fan of Bourne, He seems to live off his shooting star press.
  5. He's a fine high flyer, can be a decent midcarder.
  6. The dude's got the connection with the crowd. He looks totally jacked in that photo. I look forward to seeing him back. His SSP is brilliant. I'd like to see a tag team with him and Adrian Neville. He needs to lay off the synthetic THC and stick to the organic.
  7. Evan Bourne is still employed WTF
  8. Yes he is.
  9. Evan Bourne = high...on life....while doing the ssp....ok and maybe synthetic thc
  10. Hopefully they do something with him if he does return.
  11. I always dug Bourne's kicks. He threw them around and people bumped for them like lariats.
    IF HE RETURNS I'd MARK OUT like a motherfucker
  13. Gonna have a really long shower right now :fap:
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