Evan Bourne's injury career threatening.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 4, 2012.

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  1. I hope this is just an exaggerated dirtsheet report.
  2. I had these thoughts when I first saw his foot and now hearing the extent of the injuries I really doubt it's an exaggeration. I hope he recovers, but his career is certainly in jeopardy at this point.
  3. Bad news. Hope everything goes well. Such a talent..
  4. Yeah, he is fun to watch

  5. Yeah I hope the poor lad recovers to be honest.
  6. Injuries suck. I literally destroyed all the muscles and tendons in my ankle last summer. Still can't run on it

  7. Man this is bad news for Bourne hate to see things like this happen.
  8. Don't do drugs ppl, itz bad 4 ur health. This will b more fuel 4 Hunter 2 fire him. Too bad cuz he seems like a winner otherwise
  9. Good fucking news ^
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