Eve has quit WWE!

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  1. http://wrestlechat.net/report-current-divas-champ-eve-torres-leaving-wwe-how-this-affects-tonights-divas-title-match/

    ^^^ News in the link although not confirmed the source says its indeed accurate. Wow another diva is leaving WWE my god the divas division really is dead.

    On another note I dont think much to Kaitlyn being the next divas champion as I dont think she been established that much to deserve being champion. I thought it be Eve vs AJ at Wrestlemania 29 and that AJ would win the divas title in her home town but looks like that aint happening from Eve quitting WWE after tonights Raw. Well I hope Kaitlyn is up to being champion and doesnt mess up this opportunity
  2. Are you actually implying the title is rightfully put on people who deserve it, and not just on the blonde of the month?

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    the proofs in the kelly kettle, blffl
  3. If it becomes AJ vs Kaitlyn av mania that would set quite the story. Former friends, came up in the company together. Now enemies, sounds good to me.
  4. Kaitlyn has to be the no.1 pick imo.
  6. No diva has ever gone past the 6 year mark all divas up to now have quit the business at 6 years or below. I dont blame them to be honest the divas are treated horribly and dont get enough time to show what they can do its totally sexist fuck you Vince.

    I guess its gonna be Kaitlyn vs AJ at Wrestelmania 29 best friends turned enemies for the title
  8. Probably cause of her marriage. :downer:
  9. Fuck her marriage :((
  10. :upset: another diva quitting , saw this Oma tweet of apriljaunette.org.... Hope isn't true
  11. As those who have pointed out Eve did get engaged last year and so she must want to leave to get married and start her married life at home and do her gracie training lessons that she does on her days off. Like the divas who have already left Eve obviously wants to leave to do her own thing now. Will there be any divas left at this rate???
  12. Paige and the other rookie diva (cannot remember her name) are gonna be on the main roster really really soon , but now ... I don't see kaytlin or aj as the main diva , I mean , eve left , kk , Kharma, Beth , the Bellas twins ... Just Layla and Alicia fox are left ..
  13. You forgot Natalya, dawg.:pity:

    Imo Natalya or Kaitlyn could be the no.1 diva on the roster...

    Why not?
  14. There are around ten divas on NXT.
  15. Yeah but ... Come on , u gonna have almost all rookie divas ? I mean askana for example who da hell likes askana ?
  16. Top 3 Wrestling Ability:
    - Natalya
    - Paige
    - AJ Lee
  17. Natalya true... She could probably be the face of the divas on the wwe but kaytlin...I think she's just too young , and I consider her a fail , I mean , she got a push cuz eve botched in the no.1 contender divas match
  18. EVE! :fa...wait what? Eve can't leave! :why:
    She's the best wrestler on the divas roster. I hav loss complete faith in the division now. Someone better call up Trish, Lita, & Kharma or we won't have much a division after tonight.
  19. Let us honor this Raunchy Hoy Piece of Diva Ass by posting some pics of her. Enjoy:

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    And, of course:

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