News Eve returning to WWE?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Oct 31, 2014.

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  1. Pwmania.
  2. That could be cool; but I doubt WWE would capitalize on having more good Divas in the division. WWE booking 101 demands that they do that weird Paige-AJ thing and turn it into a thing about friends and more than friends.
  3. Well they do need more women who aren't Total Diva-ised and can still win the belt haha
  4. Trip in the Head has a point, since all these dives are Total Diva-ized WWE probably won't win the Divas title. So they will need more Divas in the Diva Division!

    Now in my opinion; Eve would be a great addition as a former WWE Diva and having her back would make new rivalries instead of that Bella Twins crap and Paige-AJ crap!

    I would also bring Kaitlyn back, she didn't wrestle on the main roster for very long and she deserves it
  5. No thanks. Go back to your husband's dojo and teach women self esteem.
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  6. [​IMG]

    Fuck yes, do it WWE. Taryn might have some competition.
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  7. Seeing as she was the first diva to hold the Diva's Championship three times, I would love to see her come back and give AJ and Paige a run for their money.

    She's a good wrestler, And it'd be a shame to see such talent go to waste so early. (And it wouldn't hurt to have some talent that can wrestle along with Paige, Nattie, AJ, Naomi and Alicia)
  8. this changes everything
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  9. Bring back eve that would be interesting question is would she stay or just come try to win the Divas belt and then leave just like Batista did?
  10. 2012: Eve Torres 5th Theme Song - "She Looks Good…:
  11. Can she return to NXT? The chick with Gracie's training facing the current awesome Del Rey-trained division could be really cool.
  12. She is fit other then that I do not give a shit
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  13. Can't say I'm very happy to hear this but it wouldn't hurt. She was a good heel worker.
  14. Wooh more Divas to add to the equation.. blah just bring up some of the NXT bitches, still wanna see Alexa Bliss in the main scene not to mention Charlotte still has to make her debut sooner rather than later.
  15. She's smokin' hot... But I couldn't care less if she returns or not.
  16. They could pair Eve with Lesnar and Heyman :happy:
  17. Wouldn't mind pairing Eve with myself :happy:
  18. As long as she doesn't dance :eww:
  19. Now all we need is Kelly Kelly and we're good!
  20. I wasn't watching the product during Eve's run, but getting more Divas that wrestle well can only be a good thing... I hope.
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