Eve Wrongly Labeled Champ

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Harley Quinn, Aug 21, 2012.

  2. My god Kaitlin has big ..... "eyes"
  3. She has big boobs. :boss1: Fuck trying to be nice and civilized
  4. I want Kaitlyn to get the title but I don't think she will.
  5. Damn did the person who wrote it get fired
  6. Doubt it, just one small mistake, not a bad one considering the fact Eve was in the Battle Royal he probally had to write her name somewhere, and accidently set her name there.
  7. if vince finds out someone is definitely getting fired!
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  8. Poor Layla her reign has totally been shat on since she won it. I thnk its time to take the belt off her and give it to someone else[/i]
  9. Exactly. Kaitlyn.
  10. Layla will turn heel and screw Kaitlyn.
  11. Good shout out Crayo. Then their would be an actually feud for the divas title rather than everyone getting a pop at it.
  12. Live sex celebration part 2?
  13. #pervert
  14. I don't understand the Kaitlyn love?!?! I'd actually like to see Eve have the title one more time as a Heel.
  15. Given the role that Eve plays as the assistant to Booker T, and the spit-spat she's been having with Kaitlyn don't be surprised if somewhere down the line it was a Triple Threat.
  16. Any update on the employment status of the person who made the mistake?
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