Even more accusations of sexual harassment at NXT

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Stopspot, Jun 30, 2013.

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  1. Remember these from last week?

    Well recently Trent? (formerly Trent Baretta) tweeted the following when answering a Q&A:

    Where there is smoke, there is fire as the saying goes. Baretta doesn't have any real reason to do this out of spite since he is getting good bookings on the independents and in Japan so he is definitely making money. One would think with all these accusations going around that WWE would do something.
  2. This is very disturbing. Surely WWE wouldn't want a reputation like this wouldn't they? Or do they just not care?
  3. Most companies dont care as it can be difficult to prove.
  4. Would sadly not be the first or worst thing Demott has gotten away with.
  5. A little while back someone posted a picture of Bill Demott forcing men to stinkface each other butt naked. If that isn't enough proof than I don't know what is.
  6. Bill also got caught on camera forcing a dead tired girl with a possibly broken ankle run an obstacle course. Dude is a slave driver.
  7. True. But things like that often happen in sports and the army. High stakes mean high pressure leading to some controversial methods of teaching which supposedly help ppl deal with the pressure.
  8. What army does that?
  9. I have mates who say bullying and attemting to shame ppl ala full metal jacket style is still quite commonplace and just how they build ppl to be able to tolerate so much. Its age old and wrong i agree but i think its more common place than we might think.
  10. It's only a matter of time until one of the divas goes off and gets raped.
  11. WWE need to perform an internal investigation, definitely. They may be already doing so, but it's time to make it public.
  12. I'm sure that the WWE is aware of Bill's downright despicable training skills,how they condone this is well beyond me.
  13. You would think they'd care though cause off all this crap going on with the BBC in the UK. But as I state big companies etc I dread to think of the things they cover up at times.

  14. In Orton's documentary he said when he was a member of the U.S Army there was a lot of hazing and bullying going on which was the main reason he left.
  15. My best friend is in Syria in the Army, and he tells me how much he loves it. He told me that the worst part was bootcamp when everyone would scream at you to do shit. Never said anything about hazing.
  16. It may vary I suppose as I have mates who like it and have had no problems and ppl who have. But thats what i was getting at things can happen and easily get covered up.
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  17. I'm not surprised honestly, it's shameful how this stuff goes down. The big issue is if he gets accused of actual rape or something worth prosecuting, it could cause a HUGE fallback via past stars with stories. Vince could be chillin like Patterno.
  18. I understand what you're saying.
  19. Some former nxt guys came together on a podcast to spill som beans on Demott.
    Apparently he:
  20. Jesus Christ. There's something deeply wrong about that man. I'm glad they're trying to get everything he's done out in the open.
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