Even more updates on Christian

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. Smart move to give him time off if this is true. He is a guy who can make anyone look like gold in the ring so having him out on injury soon after returning would be bad.

  2. Interesting, then there's a reason he's doing nothing. Nice.
  3. Just please return as a heel or in a cool tag-team.
  4. He'll return and feud with Cesaro, just look.
  5. Feud with Cesaro will be awesome, glad he is getting time off while not in a feud, and time to get back to 100%.
  6. Their one match where Christian went over on SD was pretty good, and Christian can probably carry any segments they may have since Cesaro is currently meh when it comes to character.
  7. Hoping it goes Christian Cesaro to give Cesaro credibility, then Swagger comes back for the All american American feud vs Cesaro for the US title. Could be awesome.
  8. Yeah, going over Christian would mean they're trusting on Cesaro for the long run I believe. A feud with a face Jack Swagger defending his country's honor would also be great to see, I just think they have to tweak Cesaro's character a bit for him to get more heat and promo material.
  9. Any heel vs Christian = Heat IMO, he will use that amazing charisma to make it look like more than looks and hot whore vs face.
  10. If the feud happens I just hope they give it some promo time, which doesn't happen with most midcard feuds.
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