Even though I hate myself for saying it, Vickie is entertaining.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Bobby Ray, Jan 23, 2013.

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  1. Her role as general manager has been getting better and better. RAW is much better when there is a bad character in charge of almost everything. It sucks when Vince McMahon is out there overruling her as it creates loop-holes, but on the contrary it does make Vickie look like gold ass-licking him to stay in charge.

    Paul Heyman being aligned with her can only make it better. Even though I despise the soap-opera approach, I wouldn't mind those two being the new "power couple", as they are both mocked for their looks - it works out perfectly. But back to Vickie, every promo she cuts is met with a chorus of heat, which only means the face she will interact with will be met with a chorus of cheers, that my friends is how you build faces.

    Her interactions with The Rock have been incredible, it creates humorous segments when Rock cuts his inevitable jokes, but Vickie held her own quite nicely with the "If you smellll, what The Vic is cooking" line - that made me laugh. Initially I wanted Flair to return as the general manager, as a face who turns heel down the line, but I would be more than satisfied with Vickie taking this role permanently. Despite her annoying voice and sometimes flat-out irritating promos, she fulfils her role perfectly. I would dare say that she could become one of the greatest general managers ever if the booking around her is done right.

    The down side is, after Rocky has left again, who is there left for her to bounce off of?
  2. I'm not quite convinced yet. With a situation like this it all depends on how she is booked and what segments she is placed in. There was an episode relatively recently when she seemed to be in every other segment, and with a voice & gimmick like hers that can just make you want to turn the TV off; there's such a thing as overkill. However, she was thoroughly entertaining on Monday I guess, I just wish she would avoid Ziggler completely instead of the in and out of face/heel mode.
  3. Vickie isn't entertaining, but The Rock making fun of her is. I think you're getting the two inter-twined.

    Vickie is a great heat magnet and is good at what she does, but I wouldn't say she's entertaining because she doesn't do anything to entertain, unless you have a very poor sense of humour.
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  5. I think it all depends on where they're going with the Shield. If Punk/Heyman are indeed employing them, then Heymans attention is required elsewhere. If not, I think it makes for some great entertainment and an interesting dynamic.
  6. Meh, not a Vickie fan, I think her as an authority figure has played its role. Sure, she's a heat magnet, I'd like to see her helping get some heat on a low carder by being her manager.
  7. just if she didnt speak.... she´d be awesome :emoji_slight_smile:
  8. I think she's only bearable right now because it's The fucking Rock dissing her. I don't think people would give a shit if it was anyone else dissing her aside from maybe Punk.
    Put anyone else in her role and it'll work because The Rock makes things entertaining, remove The Rock and people will turn off their TVs.
  9. Like who? It didn't really work for Dolph, only when he started to develop his mic skills was he able to get himself over.
  10. I, myself, find Vicki Guerrero to be very entertaining and useful. The reason being is because Vicki Guerrero is the companies biggest heel in my eyes as she get's more heat than anyone else. Furthermore, while she get's a lot of heat you can use that to your advantage to create faces in hopes for them to get more reactions, further build and develop them.

    I'm going to give an example, Kofi Kingston becomes heel and manages to capture the WWE Championship, a face Dolph Ziggler starts a feud with Kofi Kingston for the Championship while trying to fend of Vickie Guerrero and her evil plans to punish Dolph and stop Dolph Ziggler in every power she has to stop him. This will help generate Dolph Ziggler into a legitimate face and it'll help him get crowd reactions by the casuals since he's a newly turned face. It works both ways as Vickie Guerrero generates further heat, as well as a star that's turned from face to heel while helping a young star turn from heel to face.
  11. Uh... no one comes to mind atm, but I'm pretty sure there's someone. More useful than seeing her as GM I think.
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