Event Of The Month: September

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  1. New series I will do every month where we vote on the best wrestling event throughout the month.

    So lets go!

    WWE Night Of Champions

    TNA No Surrender

    ROH Death Before Dishonor

    PWG Battle Of Los Angeles

    (Not sure of any other events, Post if there was one and I will add it to the OP)

    Full reviews on the event you picked would be appreciated :emoji_grin:
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    Didn't see Battle of Los Angeles, so guess I shouldn't vote here. Death Before Dishonor was great but gotta show my TNA Bias here. No Surrender was one of the most enjoyable Impacts in years!
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  3. AJ/Aries, Bully/Anderson and AJ/Magnus was some awesome stuff let me tell ya :obama:
  4. ROH Death Before Dishonor.. I really enjoyed the World Title tournament, it was probably the best tournament I've seen in a while.
  5. PWG Battle of Los Angeles.
  6. Battle of LA, that was a sick show.
  7. NJPW Destruction had( I think it was last month...). Tanahasi vs Devitt stole the show and it had some matches that came close to matching it.
  8. Night Of Champions was the greatest PPV of the year.
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