Events you wish you were at

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  1. Just a little game posting events where you wish you were there. For example:

    I wish I was in that crowd listening to that epic song.
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  2. Iron Maiden and Crayo? :mog: Actually surprised.
    As for me :hmm: gotta say this one;

    Elect the Dead Symphony concert with Serj Tankian :yes:

  3. Couldn't get tickets as I didn't have a ST at the time, incredible.
  4. Crowd was sick.
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  5. Wish I could have gone and seen these guys live with the orchestra, too bad they did this in Norway and a few select festivals :sad:

  6. Or this, the biggest moment in Swedish sport history!
  7. I wish I was at Madrid Mutua Open to watch Nadal/Ferrer match
  8. WM 25,WM26,WM27,WM28,WM29(Till cena's match)
    Madrid vs Barcelona
    2008 Spain vs Germany
    2012 Spain vs Italy
    2010 Holland vs Spain
    2010 Germany vs Spain
    MITB 2011
  9. Imagine my surprise when I discovered a certain black man on this forum was into rock music.
  10. You should be glad you missed those events.:true:
  11. My thoughts exactly!

    I guess you aren't so bad after all :obama:
    Still hate you though :pity1:
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    Slayer in their prime.

  13. Another one.
    In Solitude when they were like fucking 16!

  14. :hmm: Wonder who that could be....
    Also should throw in a few more:
    Guns N' Roses, Rock in Rio 3 :yay: Pretty much the only time Axl was good around Buckethead's time in the band, also looked too :gusta:
    Show Spoiler

    Guns N' Roses Live at the Ritz in 1988. Personally I think it was one of the best concerts the original lineups had :true:
    Show Spoiler

    Gotta throw in some Megadeth in too :otunga:
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  15. When you whispered sweet nothings into xanths headset before taking his e-ginity.
  16. Stone Roses @ Spike Island
    Coldplay @ City of Manchester
    Glastonbury every year
    Leeds and Reading every year
    Japandroids @ Sound Control
    Download every year
    WM every year
    God theres loads lol could keep going.
  17. Seems awesome:

    And of course Mania & Post-Mania RAW.
  18. Post-Mania RAW and
  19. Christ I feel sorry for you, listening to that garbage.
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