Ever been so excited for the next season(s)?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, May 19, 2013.

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  1. It's ending today, but I am SO excited about the next season. Chelsea, United, City, and Everton will all definitely have new managers. Only United's new manager is confirmed. Not only that, but Jose might be returning which leaves one of the biggest clubs in the world Real Madrid needing another new manager. Furthermore, it's almost certain that Chelsea, City, United, Madrid, Arsenal, and Barcelona will be spending a lot in the summer. Chelsea aren't on the same level as the Manchester clubs, City just had a horrible season, United are probably loosing Rooney and will strengthen anyway under Moyes, Arsenal have over £120m to spend and NEED to to even remain in the top 4, Madrid COULD be losing Ronaldo, and Barcelona just saw their dominance truly come to an end.

    Not only that, but will Bale go? Will Ronaldo go? Will Neyman finally come to Europe? Will Rooney go? Will Lewandowski go (almost certain)? Will Falcao go? It just seems to be a huge transitional year for every single big club, and I am pumped.
  2. Well, I'm kind of excited, I say kind of as at the end of the day all of these things make no difference to me, I support a mediocre team currently hoping to get in next year's PO, which I doubt we will do for the 5th year running. My season as a Middlesbrough fan will be average, but yes, my season as a football fan should be brilliant, I still have a slight feeling that is telling me Ronaldo is coming back to United which I would love to see happen, the Premiership has missed a player of his caliber, Bale is getting there but he is still nowhere near the level of Ronaldo or Messi imo so to have him back would be exciting to say the least, however if United sign Ronaldo surely they will not sign Lewandowski also? Meaning he will most likely go to Bayern. I'm more curious about Neymar than I am excited, I'm not sure he has what it takes, although that is because I do not watch him play consistently, so I am curious as to whether he will flop or come good. It will be between United, City and Chelsea next year but only if Chelsea get Mourinho back imo. Good year for being a football fan who watches Premiership football weekly, another mediocre year for being a Boro fan, although who knows? They might surprise me.
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  3. LOL Ronaldo-

    Its gonna be an interesting summer for sure
  4. You're so bitter at the fact Ronaldo might leave. Chill.
  5. Not really but It's like saying that Cena is turning heel. Always the same. Never happened
  6. You're missing the biggest thing on the European scale IMHO in Germany. Bayern under Pep will strengthen like crazy further as already shown by Gotze and Lewandski (not sure if this has been confirmed, I don't think it has but they're in the hunt I think) how will Dortmund survive the exodus and will they look to beat Bayern this season or just consolidate second? Plus you have Monaco and PSG who'll spend big even with FFP (Monaco aren't effected this season are they? I don't think they're in Europe in anyway) in France, the CL will be incredibly interesting this year as the gap closes further between the big guns from England and Spain.
  7. I can't wait for the transfer window...
  8. To me, next season will be the beginning of a new era, the amount of change and retirements have completely changed the landscape of professional football in 2013-14
  9. I'm looking forward to next season, in all seriousness it's going to be close.. Arsenal are two/three players away from being better than decent, Spurs again probably need to keep Bale and get a new striker, few more goal scorers at Spurs will make the difference. United/City/Chelsea will be strong and IMO so will Liverpool, they have improving more and more over the last few months and seem like they are getting in to gear for next season.

    I love the summer transfer window, my predictions are that neither Falaco or Cavani will be playing the premier league next season.
  10. Maybe even Wenger leaves Arsenal, with Ancelotti leaving PSG their main target is Wenger. I don't think it's very likely but there's most certainly interest from PSG.
  11. Wenger is also wanted by Real Madrid, and I can see why.
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