Ever Been To A Forum Where The Mods Are Too Strict?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Lockard 23, Apr 24, 2013.

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  1. On top of posting here, I also post on the forums over at Pro Wrestling.com and I've noticed that people who post regularly and people that I like just suddenly end up banned. I don't recall them doing or saying anything that would or should elicit such a response and when I check their post history, yep, there's nothing there that indicates why they should have been banned. I've also gone back and looked at a bunch of old threads from years previous and seen just a shitload of people banned throughout the years. When you see SO many fucking people banned, I think the problems perhaps lie more with the moderators more than the users.

    Today I almost reached my breaking point when I saw another guy almost get banned just because he dared to question why the mods acted a certain way in a thread. He got a warning just for that, and when he responded back (in a non-insulting and unoffensive tone, mind you), he was told this was his 'last warning.' I came close to quoting the post and even mocking the whole ordeal but then I'd probably end up on the chopping block myself just for that.

    Any other forum you know of where the mods sometimes act like big pansies?
  2. There is a lot of forums around that act like that. From my experiance it is typically those big forums where everyone is working on the fourms and such to earn money and nothing else.

    I tend to find the bigger forums treat everyone like an irrelevent person and therefore don't treat you like a human because they know you will be no big loss in the scheme of things.

    Smaller communities and of course there are some exceptions, tend to treat members better because they need them around more.
  3. I hate those forums. That's why I'm here. <3
  4. Yeah, it's stupid cuz people are on a forum to have fun and what not. Being too strict just ruins it. The mods that take forum rules too seriously also tend to be wound tight in real life.
  5. Not that I know of. I would say out of 10 mods, 1 was abusing his powers.
  6. WF.com. It's the reason I'm here.
  7. And that one is mainly because the forum is owned by a group of people running many forums as a businesses. You can tell the difference between ones done for money and ones done for fun/because of a general interest like this community.
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  8. http://www.wf.com ?
    Wells Fargo?

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    I know you're talking about WrestlingForums. :jeritroll:
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  9. Meant WrestlingForum.com noob.
  10. So much this.

    Good, I thought you were going to make me name it :eww:
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  11. I was on Wrestling Forum for about week before getting banned. Not even sure why.
    I'm guessing it was because I didn't suck Punk's dick 24/7.
  12. Zelda Universe.

    It was the first forum I had ever joined, and was excited to talk to Zelda fans, since I was a huge Zelda nerd and non of my friends were. First day, there was a topic; "Which do you want to ship with Link?" and I posted my choice. About 5 minutes later, I get a message from a mod saying, "You have been warned, spamming is not permitted here." or some shit. Also, the members there were assholes, I gave an opinion about one timeline thing, and they all go and call me stupid and idiotic, yet the same mod did nothing about it. Needless to say, I left that forum, and only go back to troll(which is sad, since the Zelda forum I was on was suppose to merge with it, but it ended up dying instead).

    That was the worst experience in any forum I had, since it was my first I thought all forums were like that until I got to another Zelda forum wit friendly members. After the forums died came to here, and never really looked back. I've always said this when it came to the forums hospitality here, it's the best from any forum. It's to strict, but the mods here also know when to step in and stop stuff.
  13. I might sign up on WF to troll.
  14. Yes, I got banned on a site called Wfigs for telling some annoying little kid to fuck off THROUGH PRIVATE MESSAGES which the Admins say "If you're gonna fight do it through PM". So anyway this kid was bugging me and sending like 3 or 4 messages a day and I can't remember exactly how it went but I'm pretty sure somebody I knew died around that time and that's what made me just go off at him and all I really said was "I don't want to be in whatever the stupid fucking piece of shit thing is you're doing. Fuck off"

    And then there was also getting a warning bar for a DX sig saying "Suck it"
    I got another one for joking around with a friend in one of the banter threads and said he likes the d.

    I never go on that site anymore unless it's to troll which I'm planning to do soon. So everyone join me and we'll spam those ****s with gay porn!
  15. I was given a warning on wrestle zone as they thought my reply to a thread was spam when all i did was state a tag team was boring in a thread about tag teams! this was years back though so i don't know if they have changed.I also got a warning about break sig size rules and another warning for a reply which they deemed spam but was not. I stopped using that forum after that
  16. And that's why I'm part of this family and not any others, wrestling related anyway. If we were as strict as those there'd be no members here.
  17. Whilst secretly PM'ing them all to join here.
  18. Gamefaqs.com, quoting a serious problem and i get my message moderated, it was insane.
  19. Yeah, that bighossrambler asshole is a piece of trash.
  20. Well Crayo banned someone just for saying put your hands up if your a nigga. I saw no problem with it since me and Farooq are the only 2 black guys here and neither of us were offended. I'm sure Farooq laughed just like I did
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