Ever have a sexy teacher?

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  1. Me, I've had a few but two come to mind at the moment.

    6th grade, I had an Italian history teacher named Ms. Abbate. I remember she was a good looking brunette. My dad told me after he met her that if I ever got in trouble with her and he was needed to show up for a parent teacher conference, he wouldnt be mad at me lol.

    8th grade, I had a English teacher named Ms. Bruno who it was rumored to have previously worked in porn before getting a teaching job. My friend did a lot of "research" and found a video of her. Beautiful woman. I was tempted to flunk her class so I'd be left back and have her again but of course I passed with high marks and moved onto high school.
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  2. Ms. Amy Brown in English in the 10th grade was fine. Ms. Smith from the previous year, too.
  3. Grade 9 English teacher, Grade 5 Student teacher, college java programming teacher
  4. No. We had a P.E teacher in high school who thought he was all that. He really wasn't though.
  5. Isn't that what most guy PE teachers are like?
  6. I had a few teachers who I thought were sexy, the main one who I had a crush on was called Miss Ioannou who was of Cypriot decent. She had the dark looks, very pretty. Good teacher as well.
  7. Well the better looking one wasn't like that, though.
  8. Not really. We had a hot 10th grade English teacher at my high school but she was preggers the semester I had her so not too attractive to me.
  9. My 10th grade math teacher was fuckable, but I wouldn't say she was sexy.
  10. what was his name

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  11. My current English teacher = :fap:

    She also looks like some British pornstar, I forgot her name
  12. My 7th Grade English teacher was pretty attractive. Outside of that most of my male teachers have been old and gross lol.
  13. There were a few... yes... my 10th grade English teacher springs to mind.

    For some reason we were discussing the Pinto, and she mentioned "You can't look cool in a Pinto" and I blurted out "Yeah, you'd look pretty hot in one", which was supposed to be a joke about the Pinto's infamous rear-end collisions, but everyone else laughed in a way that was clearly about other rear-end collisions.
  14. My year 11 form tutor was pretty fine.
  15. Looking back, no. They were hot to me at the time, but now? OH HELL NO!
  16. 6th and 8th grade science teacher had some huge fuckin titties and she was pretty sexy. a little on the thick side but man those titties mmmm
  17. There seems to be a big lack of "sexy" male teachers. Had a male high school teacher who wasn't sexy, but was somewhat attractive, and his personality was extremely attractive. Had a small crush on him, and we were friendly throughout high school. Cool guy. Then freshman year at college, my astronomy teacher was alright, but not "sexy." Not bad on the eyes, just not all that. But again, cute, cool, laid back guy with a good personality. Remember one evening I went to his office for some questions about an upcoming test, and I was the last student he saw. Since the transit had stopped running for the night, he didn't want me to have to walk all the way back to my apartment, so he took me out to eat and gave me a ride home. He made a comment about how he looked forward to the semester ending when I wouldn't be in his class anymore so he could take me out again / more often, so I was more stand-offish after that. :haha:
  18. Hard to be sexy when I'm in the room :adr: I vacuum all the sex appeal and boost my own.
  19. In school, no way, I was never that lucky. Usually got the exact opposite actually (as in older or ugly women). But I do have a pretty cool story about a "teacher" when I was in the military.

    We were getting a new system to do our job on so they brought in "experts" on the system to show us how it worked. One was a decent looking blonde woman. We were 95% guys so we were all ecstatic. We all tried to harmlessly flirt with her in our own way and we eventually found out she was engaged. The kicker to this story is that she went on a vacation to Amsterdam while teaching us (I was stationed in Germany, so not that far away). I joked about her bringing me back a souvenir from her trip, and to my surprise she did! Just me. But the real surprise is that it was a pair of boxers with marijuana leaves all over them! I was totally confused by it. Was it a joke or was there more to it? Boxers for crying out loud! I remember thinking "Does she want to see me in them or something?". Anyway, the classes ended and she went back to the states a few weeks later. Nothing ever happened between us. I was the "nice guy" with women for the better part of my early life. What does that mean? I never got laid, thats what that means. Not a problem anymore though.
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