Ever witnessed miracles that have changed your perspective?

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  1. Within every debate there tends to be stories to support their opinions. For example, religious people could use a story in which a blind person from birth experiences a near-death experience. When she was lying on the hospital bed she saw her self from above -- often people say they see themselves while floating above their body -- and described what she looked like to the doctor when she woke up. Now, how can she describe what she looked like accurately if she was blind from birth?

    They could use that story to explain their opinion on why they think God exists (this doesn't have to be religious). So my question is have you ever experienced anything like that story that has changed your perspective on life in general? Inevitably some of these stories could be personal and if you don't feel comfortable sharing them then don't feel as if you need to.
  2. Nah, but I've been wanting to try some "spiritual/demon/God herbs" (such as Belladona or Hyoscyamus which were used in ancient times during rituals and witchcraft), not only give you badass trips but apparently open your mind to more spiritual side of things. Demons, Gods, and such.

    I'll make sure to come back to this thread if I ever get around to trying these herbs.
  3. There's always naturalistic explanations to this kind of stuff, especially when it comes to near-death experiences. There's just as many people who will easily explain that they saw nothing during their own close encounter with death. No different than a religious person seeing whatever prophet or 'god figure' they believe in already (Christians see Jesus, Muslims see Muhammad, etc.) I knew a guy in high school who was dead (or near dead) for a few minutes because of a car wreck and he even had a permanent mark in his head from it, and he claims anyone who says they see something when they nearly die are lying because he saw nothing.

    EDIT: Ok, for some reason, it always post as "a faggotet" whenever I spell p-r-o-p-h-e-t, lol.
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  4. Ray Lewis won the super bowl. I assume this thread is also open to sports miracles? Ray Lewis going from facing life in prison to winning the Bowl is a miracle. Life in itself is a miracle though. Good things happen to people that believe in god. If you're guided by faith and rely on god.
  5. That's because Crayo is secretly 4 years old
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  6. Ray Lewis was never facing life lmao
  7. Saw jesus on a potato chip. Changed my whole perception of reality.
  8. Still mad at your grammar lesson I see. It's okay Dolph, let it out.
  9. Okay, but what is the explanation for a blind-women from birth describing what she looked like to the doctors?
  10. :mad2:
  11. Miracles happen all the time.

    Just nobody cares.
  12. Miracles do happen, that's for sure. It's just that they are very rare to be witnessed or seen, and mostly they are not witnessed by normal people.
  13. It also depends on your definition of miracle. Lots of people who've witnessed the birth of a baby would say that's a miracle.
  14. The ability of waking up every morning is a miracle in itself.
  15. Great points there, most of the things we see are miracles, but I guess Crayo meant things that are supernatural or doesn't happen so often and only seen rarely, things that are simply unbelievable to most people..
  16. This thread in a nutshell;

  17. Didn't expect such generic answers. By miracle I mean supernatural events -- that obviously don't appear often -- that have or could have changed your perspective on life. Witnessing a child be born who was destined for death could be one of those miracles.
  19. That's obviously the work of SATAN!
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