Kayfabe Every EMPIRE Needs A Ruler.


Helo, dwi'n Gymry!
(This video was uploaded to both the EMPIRE Wrestling website and Andersen Vega's personal Youtube channel.)

Every EMPIRE Needs A Ruler

???: So, like Sony Storm before it... Precision... Is dead.

A small video begins to play, showing moments in the life of Precision and more importantly, critical moments in the Precision career of one of it's biggest ever stars, Andersen Vega.

We are greeted with scenes of Andersen Vega's Precision debut, where in his first night he became the most hated man in the company after ending fan favourite Alice Xander's career, and also attacking another fan favourite in Jack Rogue, both with a baseball bat. Scenes that show Andersen Vega winning his first championship in Precision, namely the Iron Man Championship. Scenes that summarise Precision's greatest rivalry, Andersen Vega vs. Jack Rogue, that shows Jack being forced to work as Andersen Vega's personal slave, that shows Jack Rogue, with Vega watching, finally snap after months of mental torture at the hands of his master and it shows Jack Rogue, with his mind destroyed, finally defeat Vega and beat him to a pulp. Scenes that shows Andersen Vega winning two matches in one night at Precision's biggest show, Wrestle Dynasty, one of which being an Elimination Chamber match, to win his first of two Precision World Championships. We see glimpses of his reign as champion and his eventual defeat at the hands of Mike Thunder, in which afterwards, Andersen Vega would quit Precision. We see Vega's triumphant return to Precision, where he answered an open challenge and subsequently won his second Precision World Championship. We see Vega's final battle with Jack Rogue, where he would lose his championship. And finally, we are greeted with a lasting image of Andersen Vega, after a legendary career, wave goodbye to his home and finally stepping out of his beloved wrestling home.

The video package ends, leaving the screen blank once again.

???: It was my home... My life... My prison.

Finally, slowly coming into being, an image of Andersen Vega can be seen. He is sitting on an armchair in what seems to be a basement setting. Behind him, we can see various championship belts and trophies on display in trophy cases and mounted on the back wall, championships and accolades that has been collected through a career spanning over twenty years. The room is lit up, however dimly, but lit enough that these accolades can be displayed to the camera. After a long ten or fifteen seconds, the man himself opens his mouth once again, with the camera where it should be. On him.

Andersen Vega: I want to say one final thing in regards to Precision Wrestling. That final thing being, 'I told you so'... See, if you remember correctly, not long before Precision closed its doors after a long and prosperous existence, I sent out a tweet replying to my old friend, Jack Rogue, who wasn't too happy about me eliminating him in R.W.K.'s Destiny Royale. A tweet that read "Given the current state of Precision, where the current bosses don't know a deserving Hall of Famer when they see one, I'm sure that we'll settle this in @RWKeFed pretty damn soon. Hashtag Precision, equals hashtag sinking ship."... A month later, the ship sank.

Andersen Vega, after what looked to be a touching tribute to his former place of work, now has a smirk on his face. A smirk that reveals a villainous intent.

Andersen Vega: Trent Kingsley. Luca Cipriani. Tyson Blade. The Owner, the Commissioner and the General Manager of Precision Wrestling before it went under. Three men that had absolute power in what happened in Precision. Three men who - after everything that I had done to make every show that I was apart of the best wrestling show on the planet - had decided that I wasn't good enough to be inducted into the Precision Hall of Fame... Those three men now, they have NOTHING! They disrespected me and now, they ARE nothing... Rest in peace... Precision Wrestling.

After revelling in the verbal pie that he has just thrown in Precision and its management teams direction, Andersen Vega takes in a deep breath - as if he's removing a weight off of his shoulders - before continuing.

Andersen Vega: Now that I've got that off my chest... As was the case when Sony Storm went under and was bought by Ryan Blake and Buster Gates, who had risen the show from the ashes and rechristened it Precision. Now, from the ashes of Precision... EMPIRE Wrestling is born... EMPIRE... Every good empire needs a ruler, and who better than the former "King of Precision"?

Getting up and out of his armchair, Vega walks towards the camera and picks it up, bringing it closer to his face.

Andersen Vega: "I guess now you can simply call me, "The Emperor".

And with that, Andersen Vega switches the camera off, thus ending the video.


@Sanic, @Geek773 and @Skywalker. Please don't hold this against me... You know what Vega's like, so this was bound to happen. Please don't be mad. (:emoji_wink:)
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