Every strange PM title I've sent Crayo

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dat Kid, Dec 14, 2013.

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  1. These are all real titles and Crayo has opened them all.
    1. There's Donkey Porn in this PM
    2. How to grow moss on your crotch
    3. Only you can stop toggaf fires
    4. Can you get a boob job with cow utters
    5. Granny Porn
    6. The Elusive Dildo
    7. Ohh you touch my tralala
    8. I think of you when I touch myself
    9. Don't stick your penis in a pencil sharpener
    10. Xanth told me to ask you what a fleshlight is
    11. Only you can prevent forum fires - Smokey the Mod
    12. You left some jizz in my anus
    14. I can't think of anything sexual to get your attention
    15. Dirty Queef Sluts 4, Bootleg Copy, Low Quality
    16. I want to floss my teeth with your ass hair
    17. "Thought I was cumming, ended up peeing on her face" - R.Kelly
    18. Something sexual
    19. Open this PM if American Football > Soccer
    20. How to make your penis smaller - 5 easy steps
    21. What's next? I'm thinking Bra & Panties match with Adam
    22. Pubic Hair Floss. Click for Details
    23. Let me braid your ass hair
    24. Someone knocked on your door with their boner. Click to open it
    25. Let me scratch my balls with your toenails
    26. You fucked me with a kryptonite dildo. Click for pics
    27. Click here to see Jeebak's porn stash
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  2. Surprised at the lack of whipped cream references
  3. Jelly doesn't even begin to describe me.
  4. Still think I got Jono better with my beautiful tackle PM title :jeritroll:
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  5. 19. Open this PM if American Football > Soccer - haha
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