Kayfabe Every Warrior tells his last tale


The Showoff
The Scat's theme music fills the arena to the delight of the crowd. The Asian One makes his way from the backstage on to the stage... wearing his casual clothes and showing gratitude to the fans in attendance. Scat makes his way down the ramp in his normal pace. Except acknowledging the fans, and Smiling walking up the steps. The Scat goes to the other side of the ring and gets given a microphone from the outside. The Scat's theme music stops and Scat is left in the center of the ring. With the crowd cheering and The Scat looking down to the mat smiling.*

The Scat: First of all I'd like to take a minute to just stop for a second and say something to that reaction. Sensational. I can't express how much I appreciate that. *crowd pop and few clap*. Now over the last few years I've been described as many things. Cocky, arrogant, Vain, Egotistical... which is my favourite. Evil, sick, and Heartless. Although most of those things have been on spot on at one point in my life. They all seem to forget that I've also been Caring, Determined, Humble and Successful... But not you guys. You guys see it all and I can't even begin to tell you how much my I appreciate that. Without your Scat chants, going on social media to vent why I haven't been in a match and cheering to the point your voices go out. I wouldn't be where I am today. Words simply can't express the feeling I get everytime I walk out that curtain and into this ring. The energy is electric. The place is bouncing and the spot light shines bright like a Diamond.

*The Crowd are cheering doing the "Scat Scat Scat" chants. The Scat hears this and softly pumps his chest. Sections of the crowd can sense something is up with quiet "please don't go" chants. But it gets overshadowed by Scat Scat Scat chants. The Scat goes over to the ropes and leans on them.*

The Scat: But as the years went on, My body struggled. My body just can't match the determination and intensity of my mind. Over the past few months I've started to slowly take notice. Every match became harder and harder to perform and every match you reflect on the negatives and positives... And there was only negatives. Some might say I never quite recovered from the fall of my elbow break last year... and there maybe some truth to that. But I still continued to give it my all week in week out. I tried so hard to compete in the final match of the season finale. But I just have nothing more to give. I wanted to become world champion so badly...And I'm a man who can admit I was wrong in the way i tried to become world champion last year. But despite everything I did and all the pain i caused. I have no regrets. I wanted to be the Standards this company stands by... I wanted to be the man. but the harsh reality of life is that not every fairy tail story, has a fairy tail ending.

*The crowd are cheering and The Scat chants are getting louder, with a few no chants being heard. The Scat goes back to the center of the.*

The Scat: There comes a point in every warrior's life when he draws his last blade and tells his last tale. This is unfortunately mine *crowd boo.* Tonight I stand infront of all you, in the center of the ring To officially announce..... my retirement. *crowd boo loudly*. I just can't keep up with everything that goes on... and i'm not at the same level I once was in 2014... start of 2015 year. But despite the downs of this year. I consider myself to have a pretty successful wrestling career and wouldn't change it anything. I was apart of and even leader of the well known... The Gentleman's agreemen.... Nah i'm kidding, still can't say that with a straight face. I'm obviously talking about The Breed of Energy. Bunch of talented dudes in that group. I got to pin the great and unbeaten at the time Christian Chaos 4 times. Although it was an iron man match.. I still take credit for that. Hell I was even apart of the 2k14 match of the year.... and was voted the break out star of the year too. I was on posters. Magazines... PPV advertisements. Even came up with the design of The Blades attire..*directly looks in the camera* You're welcome for that btw *turns back to the crowd* and became the first ever 24 7 champion. I've had an amazing career and alot of it wouldn't have happened without James Dragon crediting me backstage to the higher ups and giving me the chance to grab the brass rings. This company is in good hands and I can finally say that management is giving everyone a chance to showcase their skills. from walking out to my first world championship match, to forming Barley Legal. It's been one hell of a ride and i've enjoyed every second of it. I thank you all for being apart of my journey and for cheering me when no-one else would. Thank you

*The Scat puts down his microphone and his old country song theme plays through the arena, in which The Scat smiles at. With the crowd clapping and chanting thank you.
The Scat waves to the ground and exits the ring and walks up the ramp for the last time. The Scat stops on top of the stage and looks around at all the fans screaming his name and chanting thank you. The Scat pats the left side of his upper chest and says love you and thank you. The Scat leaves backstage through the curtain and the show ends.*

Mentions: 2K14, 15 and 16 league members @Gino Bambino BoE and Barley Legal Drag Drag

OOC: A bit of truth to this promo. I have enjoyed my time in the leagues.... Even when it's been with the rape promo and being a fucking heat magnet because I said something to FN Punk. it's been a blast. Real life is just getting in my way. From trying to work my job, to going to the gym 5 days a week (2 hour sessions tae) to learning the craft of becoming a wrestler.. to having a girlfriend and still hanging out with my friends. Yeah I just don't have the time to play matches and promo anymore. I may join the 2K17 league as a new character once i get more free time. But right now I'm done. Good luck to everyone in the league and trying to make it better. I hope this survives... But yeah if you could review this, you'd be a top guy. Also shout out to Idiot #2 Idiot #2 You're a quality big bastard who truly understands.

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