Everyone's Favorites?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Lady Deathbane, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. Since I'm caught up with NXT, I just wanted to see how many on here keep up with it and if you do, who are your favorites on it?

    My order of interest is: Paige, Adrienne Neville, Wyatt Family (specifically Bray), Bo Dallas, Emma, Summer Rae and Big E. All of them aren't exactly my favorites, but they all have my interest somewhat.
  2. At first, I didn't like Bray Wyatt because he reminded me of (fat) Skinner for some reason (for the older fans).

    Then, he really grew on me and he is easily my favorite on the roster.

    Still can't believe he and Bo Dallas are the spawns of IRS. Just wow.
  3. ?
  4. Bo Dallas and Bray Wyatt are his sons.
  5. Paige. Good wrestler and pretty hot :gusta:

    She needs to get called up ASAP. Would love to see her anti-diva gimmick on Raw.
  6. @deth Paige won't be up until sometime late August. She doesn't turn 21 until August 17 and I think it is some kind of unspoken rule now that you need to be 21 to be on the main roster.

    My favorites: Neville, Wyatt, Ohno, Kruger, Victor, Woods, Summer Rae (pretty good heel diva), Harper. Zayn will probably be a fav once he debuts on TV.
  7. Well that's a shame. Makes sense though.
  8. :obama:

    Half of the NXT roster seems ready to be on WWE already. I can see Bray Wyatt and Neville getting tons of attention when they premiere, as well as Paige, but she has that age thing goin' on, which is also weird because wasnt Orton like 19 when he premiered or something?
  9. The age limit is pretty recent. Cody Rhodes has said in an interview that he and Trent Barretta were about the last two guys to debut before the age of 21.
  10. No Ohno on your list? :sad:
  11. Oh boy Skinner, whilst being a decent in ring worker, had a terrible gimmick. Wyatt is a marvel on the mic, I can see where you saw the similarites in look at first though :lol1:
  12. He hasn't wrestled much in awhile from what I've seen. Only attack Regal and vice versa. :dawg:

    Will get back to you in the future :woo1:
  13. I'm waiting.....[​IMG]
  14. Ah, I see. Didn't know it was a recent rule. :woo1:

    Wonder why they made it so. :hmm:
  15. Health and safety.
  16. :lol1: I s'pose it is the future now. :obama:

    Still not sure. He'll prolly have a match next NXT, so I'll get back to you then. :dawg:
  17. Is there much difference wrasslin at 18 and wrasslin at 21? :hmm:
  18. It's just my guess. I guess insurance policies are better at 21 than at 18 and such.
  19. My favorite is Gabriel, don't know why but I like him
  20. I read how a lot of folks think that the NXT guys are ready to be on the big stage. Which is awsome, though it would be a shame to see them all get burried under the top ceiling stars now.
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