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Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by C.M. Shaddix, Aug 9, 2013.

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  1. Okay, the way its going the company is a disaster, I mean so many things are just WRONG. Allow me to give our some thing I think that are wrong.
    1. The Storyline is ALL OVER the place, I'm seeing this take different train tracks at different times, unecessary story twisters EVERYWHERE. And this actually started back in 2012 with the Styles & Daniels storyline, first its affairs with Dixie, then its a pregnancy scandal, then its learned to be all BS.. we all just didn't noticed how muched this sucked with the Aces & Eights build up which was keeping TNA ratings up there
    2. Where the hell is Abyss?! Hes the TV Champion! Not even Joseph Parks is around that much anymore I mean what did TNA do? Did they just retire the television championship without telling us? I know the TV title wasn't really brought as much and was more like a useless belt around Devon's waist at the time but still they should give us the heads us on this god...
    3. They are lacking knockouts, I only see the same 4 knockouts everyweek, I mean TNA had a Knockouts tag belt, they had so many female competitors and now it just died
    4. The Aces & Eights are just a fail as a biker gang... the only guy who fit the biker persona was DOC and he left the company, Garrett Bischoff and Wes Brisco just SUCK, D 'Lo Brown ppl liked the idea at first he looked good was a commanding VP and then he just looked like a guy who just walked around with them all of the sudden. Knux now he's alright... I enjoy him, Tazz, It shocked me when he joined but he just FAILS at commentary. Mr.Anderson...... THE HELL?! This guy does not fit a biker persona one bit, (and back on the contrary from the 1st reason when he joined that was a few weeks before the gang nearly murdered him, why would he join then, they made that so vague) Now onto Devon and President Bully...Devon shocked me when he was revealed, Bully brings me back to Reason #1 again, it appeared TNA was gonna keep Bully Face in the first place, I mean WHO marries the Boss' daughter and they are totally unaware of that he is in a secret biker gang all this time? I mean that was just bad... Lastly about them, they no longer come out of the crowd, I mean that was like the only thing keeping them up as the outlaw persona...The aces & eights are a failure
    5. The use of MMA Fighters in the company is just a TERRIBLE idea, how is TNA not seeing this, the MMA fighters are just trying to make a quick million buck then BOLT. First it was King Mo, he only showed as an Enforcer for Storm vs. Roode at BFG2012, he didn't do anything he just watched the thing then we never heard from him again (which is probably because he won the light title in bellator but FOR REAL?!) Which brings us to Rampage Jackson... now they are using Rampage by putting him in the MEM (Another bad idea) but he doesn't fight or anything, now people actually thought Rampage was just doing this because he wanted to but then HE showed up, TITO ORTIZ WTF, this by far was the biggest fail, First TNA only has this "August1stWarning" mystery build up for like a week and has this shit show up. Thats when you realize why both him and Rampage are in it, they are just doing it to raise publicity for there fight in November. Just another train wreck. What the hell is Ortiz gonna do,just show up talk appear on the ramp and end every show with a staredown? Because I believe thats all he can do, the only way TNA can fuck this up more is having him join Aces & Eights.
    Well that's that... this actaully one of the best things I have typed up, any thoughts?
  2. Abyss is gone. He sucks, and he took the shitty TV title with him. Neither exist anymore. Park is in the BFG Series, not sure what you are talking about with him.

    KOs are a strong point of the show, but yea, they could use some more girls. It is still stronger now (with Gail, Taryn and Mickie) than it ever was with more girls. It's more important to use the talent you have than to stockpile a bunch of KOs, and they do that.

    Aces & Eights sucks, we know.

    TNMMA sucks, we know.
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  3. 1) The Aces & Eights bullcrap, it was good until they decided not to let anyone except Bully and Anderson (and sporadically, Devon) to wrestle and to do the crappy ass MEM bullcrap where Sting complains about the guys in the locker room not coming to his aid but then he picks the new group to be consisting of 90% old guys and then some MMA loser who hasn't even wrestled one match to this day. I'd rather have seen them build the A&8s up to be serious badasses, let them all win their own matches and do the "No More Heroes" stuff and Sting comes out after his loss at Slammiversary to build up a new stable. He talks with Dixie Carter, who tells him that she believes Sting's new group will be TNA's only hope as Hogan has "lost it" and he can't lead the company to the future. Sting and Dixie decide to bring back Matt Morgan, and tell him that if he can get rid of the A&8's he'll get a title shot. He agrees, and brings Joey Ryan with him. Now with Sting, Morgan and Ryan in the group, they get Magnus and Joe to be their two current guys after they help the trio fight off the A&8s, telling Sting that they were attacked backstage at Slammiversary so that's why they couldn't help. Then, the 5 guys go out to announce their big fight against the A&8s but the bad guys are just too strong, and reiterate the "No More Heroes" stuff before Ortiz comes out and is all like "I'm here to fight you because this bullcrap sucks ass" and they destroy the A&8. While this goes on, Rampage feuds with Angle before Ortiz tells Rampage to get his head in the game at Bellator.

    2) Releasing good talents. They mis-used the hell out of Matt Morgan, Joey Ryan ect. and I still don't even know if they've signed "Party" Marty Scurll. In fact, I'd like to see a 2nd season of British Boot Camp or something to replace Gut Check where the originals come back to help the new rookies and we actually get them more screen time.

    3) TV title. Seriously? I hope the TV title and Abyss go away for GOOD now, and Park is able to be his own character. And then they get a new title and utilise it, 'cuz bringing back the TV title would suck as we all know it's the same title and nothing will be done with the shitty old TV title.

    4) Knockouts. GET SOME MORE PLZ.
  4. 1. that was all nearly a year ago.
    2.Abyss is long gone, and no one cares.
    3.They aren't lacking knockouts, as the few they have keep it relevant, and shit has been great as of the last 2 months or so.
    4. Aces and 8s has been shit since the wedding fallout.
    5. We all hate the MMA stuff, it makes sense for a company hurting cashwise to team up with Bellator. We all have to deal with it, complaining will do nothing. When rampage is on tv with MEM next week, we will see whether it is a huge waste, or if it's the garbage we all assume.

    TNA still has a lot of good parts, the BFG has been (mostly) good, and i cant believe you didnt bitch about Sabin. That was a horrible, horrible match, and the ending was pathetic. Face uses hammer to cheat to win, wow.
  5. 1: TNA's become more high-risk-high-reward, there's a lot of shitty things they do but there's also one heck of a lot more positives that you just don't see elsewhere. The easy thing to do is to just enjoy the good parts of the show. The originals are still relevant (thank you BFG Series), so just enjoy what you can with them.
    2: The TV Title, and hopefully the Abyss character, is no more. Good.
    3: Gail. Mickie. Assmacher. ODB. Taryn. Less Talented Taryn. There's your entire division. That sucks, I agree, but it doesn't seem like they're interested in bringing in any more.
    4: Yeah, this storyline sucks. Hoping we get more weeks like last week (with awesome BFGS matches) and less of this week (with 3 A&8 segments). It made such a huge difference.
    5: My advice with the MMA guys: Forget about them. Thankfully they're going to be grouped in with the Aces/Mafia so we can not care about them all at once. They aren't going to do anything, they're just there to promote a fight on Bellator nobody cares about. It's just a waste of time, not something "terrible" that's "killing the product" and TNA isn't even paying them.
  6. 1-Yeah, they seem to change their minds at random points of storylines (probably due to them doing long drawn-out stories). Although AJ's stuff leading to him reaching the breaking point was pretty good.
    2-Park is there, and I don't think they were going right with Abyss. The TV title wasn't going to be used anyway so they may as well keep it off TV for a year and then retire it just like they did with the KOs tag titles.
    3-The division is still good, but yeah a few more girls wouldn't hurt.
    4-A&8s suck, yeah. The only point in which it was good was right after Lockdown, before that and afterwards it just sucked, so yeah.
    5-I despise seeing MMA guys on a wrestling show, so yeah.
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    Wow, bitching ourselves much? It's probably because you're too "light" to see the irony in that finish and how that finish followed the entire match psychology and Ray's strategy. But I don't expect of you to understand it, really. Doubt of you ever heard of something called poetic justice.
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  8. The match itself was a fine display of storytelling, big bad asshole Bully vs underdog Sabin.
    Then there was the finish, which was a nice display of poetic justice. Both of those things were fine on their own, but not together.
    If they wanted to go with the underdog match then it really needed a clean finish, overcoming the odds = strong babyface (as long as it isn't overdone) + Sabin needed the extra credibility. If they wanted the hammer shot finish then there's no reason to work the fans.

    But either way, Thursday at 9 PM they have a great chance to rectify this mistake.
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  9. Just wanted to know, did people bitch this much (title change wise) when Rey won the WWE title and then lost it an hour later to Cena? That was one sort of "cheating" and "unfairness", you can spin it all you want.

    Did they bitch when Angle had an un-announced title match against Storm and lost it in the end of the same night? That's not quite fair too.

    Not to mention the babyface MITB cash-ins throughtout the years (CM Plunk on Edge or Ziggler on ADR (basically)). Just been wondering. There's more examples, as these are only recent.

    Babyfaces win in a dusty, dirty finishes, so what? What's the problem? I don't care whether he's small, big, or in what manner was he built (poor diehard babyface or asshole-tastic babyface). If there's a poetic justice or if heel's antics and greed cost him the the title, or if heel loses because he was too cocky, arrogant and an asshole - I'm OK with that. That's simple booking. You fly big, you fall down low.

    When I saw Sabin pin Bully Ray, I marked out. I was glad that big ugly, hammer-using, heart-breaking bastard lost (kayfab looking). I didn't even think about "cheating" or hammer shot until I sat down by my PC 10 mins later to read comments on the show (I shut down the PC after lurking the Pwtorch and reading its horrible writers' and editors' comments btw).
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  10. Think you brought up a great point here, where the timing had so much to do with it. When Rey won/lost the belt, that was fair, but people didn't bitch as much since WWE was so hyped up during the Summer of Punk (although imo that put a huge dent in the "new era" people were teasing, new gm = same old shit). When James Storm won the belt, it was the cherry on the Russo's getting demoted cake, but it did as little for Storm as this did for Sabin since it was so random and flukish. Now Sabin's winning the belt when TNA bashing is seemingly at an all time high, so it's getting more criticism.

    There's 3 problems people had with this: First was that Sabin wasn't built up enough to be a legit contender, he's just come back and wrestled random triple threats before that epic match with Austin Aries, and now he's champ? After getting beaten down the whole match before winning with a hammer? Problem #2 was that Bully's title reign wasn't going anywhere. His title reign really lost his luster, at least for me, so the poetic justice angle fell flat (but it made getting a new champ that much sweeter), and problem #3 is people don't buy Sabin as someone who can main event BFG.

    But if Bully puts him over clean this week (if anyone knows how to get guys over, it's Bully), do you think that Sabin will come out of this looking like a legit world champion? I think so. So there's no reason to complain about the hammer shot anymore. We'll forget #2, and if you're worried about drawing casuals (lol like TNA does) they're going to have the almighty Hulkster legdropping that big ugly, hammer-using, heart-breaking bastard in the center of the ring, so that's surely gonna draw them in, brother. And once Styles/Roode/Magnus/Somebody win the BFG Series and see an awesometacular BFG main event the Twitterverse will hopefully shut up.

    Why in the hell are you at PWTorch? You oughta know better. For shame.
  11. I always go to Torch after I see a really good TNA show (hence why I went post Dest X) so I could tell myself later how stupid those inbreds really are. I like to end my days reading comments from stupid people or talking with stupid people, so I can sleep tight.
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  12. 1.If people just concentrated on the positives of things nothing would ever get improved and at the end of the day progress is positive if everyone always said yeah thats good enough about everything they did no one do anything and i just think it is imposible people always want more it is human nature.
    2.You can't just retire a title without saying that is just shit it wouldn't take long for them to unify it with say the x division title then make a new x divsion belt instead of the two then pow you have one belt and no one moaning.
  13. 1. Really, there's no use in complaining about it. We can't do anything about it. Guess it's my displeasure with the Raw show overall that makes me say it, but there's still so many things to like about the product that you can just sit back and be happy that they're there. If TNA was the only show in town, yeah I'd be bitching a lot more about all the terrible parts of this show. Anyway, just said that since I didn't understand your first point at all. What were you getting at, exactly?
    2. Guess I'm not the right person to answer this since I'm extremely biased against mid-card belts, but what prestige did the TV Title have? There was a nice time in 2010 when AJ Styles and Doug Williams were feuding over it, but... it was a belt Booker T made to crown himself champ, then the Global Title... since that feud it's meant absolutely nothing, outside of that one attempt at relevance with the "Must Be Defended Every week" thing. Does anybody really care that it's gone? Therefore, would it help the X-Division belt any?
  14. All i am trying to say with the first point is people don't generally concentrate on the positives of things they look at whats wrong with something and say this is what needs to be better i know we are not actually in charge of TNA but you can guarentee they go online and see what people are saying about them and who knows maybe someone would come on this site being it the first wrestling forum that turns up if you search wrestling forums on google.
    2.Im not saying the x division title would gain a lot but it would give a reason behind the title not being there rather then just abyss took into the abyss.
  15. If I was TNA, I'd scrap the A&8s and MEM as soon as possible in order to put the TNA originals back on the map with the new guys.

    Chris Sabin could feud with Austin Aries, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels and Bobby Roode for the remainer of 2013 and possibly going into 2014 for the World Heavyweight Championship. Build up the "Intercontinental Championship" to be the big step up to the main event level and hold an Intercontinental Cup every year to decide the new Intercontinental Champion, and have the title be like a MITB briefcase in terms of use, so they can win a Cup and then defend the title a certain number of times before being able to make one cash in and relinquish the title. If the title holder is unable to cash in and holds the title at the start of the new year, they advance straight to the semi-finals of the Intercontinental Cup but must still defend it in the tournament. Meanwhile, make the X-Division title be the "No Limits" title instead of weight limits, and have Kazarian (face), Samoa Joe, Zema Ion, Manik and the others feud other that. Scrap the 3-way matches, while we're at it. Then, keep the 4 PPVs a year but add strategically placed special events throughout the year so we're not deprived of the big events at times (summer).

  16. lol, what? You could say this about absolutely everything that we bitch about.
  17. It was a rough night, haha. Felt that way at the time with the more business-like complaining of TNA. Holy crap what a dumb comment, my bad
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