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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by FandangxNOx, Aug 14, 2014.

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  1. Sting

  2. DDP

  3. NWO Hollywood

  4. Rey Mysterio

  5. Booker T

  6. Lance Storm

  7. 3 Count

  8. Raven

  9. Hulk Hogan

  10. The Flock

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  1. [​IMG]
    "Welcome To Everything WCW (world championship wrestling). Wrestlers, Matches, History and More"
    and here's your (thread host) 'with the most' WCW Long time fan ( Jared aka "FandangxNOx" )

    The Shows/Backstage
    • The Power Plant
    • WCW Locker Room
    • Monday Night Nitro
    • Thursday Night Thunder
    • WCW Saturday Nights
    • WCW Pay-Per Views
    The Championships
    • WCW World Heavyweight Title
    • United States Heavyweight Title
    • WCW World Tag Team Title
    • WCW World Television Title
    • WCW Cruiserweight Title
    • Other WCW Championships

    WCW Factions/Alliances
    • NWO Black & White
    • NWO Wolf pack
    • Natural Born Thrillers
    • Filthy Animals
    • The LWO
    • Kronik
    • The New Blood
    • The Millionaires Club
    • Jersey Triade
    • Three Count
    • Other Faction/Alliances
    WCW Video Games
    • WCW Nitro
    • WCW/NWO Thunder
    • WCW Mayhem
    • WCW backstage Assault
    • Other WCW games

    "Everything World Championship Wrestling, from it's golden days of the late 80s, mid 90s, to the 'end' beginning with the finger-poke of doom, in 1999. Even WCW 2000, with all the madness with different directions and crazy storylines, and most notable defections from ECW into WCW as well. Plus the 'finale' being March 26th, 2001 (Purchased By WWE). The Invasion which kept the brand "alive" for a certain period of time. This Thread is a symbol of what the company means to me and others who loved the organization entirely. Rivalries, Favorites, Storylines, History, everything we need to relive is right here. Discuss, share and relive what is and forever will be the leading introductions into the "Monday Night Wars" saga (1988-2001)".

  2. The list was a tad limited, but whatever.
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