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  1. I get a warning and then the next day i get banned i was just trying to making a match but i did not it properly as i am a fastreader so if i get banned im leaveing earth as I GET BULLIED EVERY DAY, GET BANNED OF FOURM ALL THE TIME AND I GET EXAMS ON MY BACK AND This is not saying dont ban me as it could get raw up i should have not got a warning so there

    Also My wwe universe will be up soon
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  2. You were never banned.

    The man is raging because he got an unsanctioned warning by a content mod.

    He private messaged me to say that I locked his thread. Said I didn't and provided proof. He then went on to say that he's facing Shadow, at IWT's June PPV. I told him he can't do that, because it's Shadow's decision. The man agreed and said he has a school mate, coming on, to face him at IWT's PPV. He then went on, an hour later, to officially announce that he's facing Shadow. I was tired of this constant cycle of locking threads due to them being nonsensical, breaking rules, having no purpose or going against what I or IWT Creative tells him. I warned him of a suspension if he continues this.

    PM Exchange (open)


    Do with it, what you will. Just clearing any confusion as to what has happened.
  3. Look i get angry about small things due to my asd sorry if you was offended ok sorry about that
  4. Also i was telling about a friend from called THE GINGER ROCK that he wont be on the fourm due to him being banned from the internet by his mum and dad
  5. too much of the virtual minge?
  6. Ok but are we.friends still
  7. Fake
  8. Damn, for a second I wasn't sure.
  9. At the friends post or the gun post
  10. Yeah not a good time to upload gifs
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  11. This isn't just for you, but in general. Stop with the useless goddamn reports. Report if it doesn't follow the terms and guidelines, like jesus christ.
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