Eve's farewell video

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by CM Punk, Jan 16, 2013.

  2. No ass? Cba to watch.
  3. I was expecting something sexier than her in her pajamas.
    Still fapped :ksi:
  4. :sad: I gress the diva title should go with her now since we have NO MORE GOOD DIVA WRESTLER ON THE GOD DAM ROSTER ANYMORE! Maira,Kelly, Twin, Beth,McTaker and now Eve. SO :sad:. Diva Champion 2008-2013! money of seyeles.............................................. Thank You!
  5. What about Natalya? :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk:
  6. What about her? She want to bane Khali what so great about her? She must be fuck up in the head!? :pipebomb:
  7. She's a great technical wrestler is what Punk is pointing at. She's trained by Bret the Hitman Hart. The only woman to be trained in the dungeon.
  8. Video was what you'd expect. What will her legacy be in WWE?
  9. The word Hoeski.
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  10. Gohan for the divas champion! :win:
  11. Didnt expect her to get so emotional in the video. Anyways im sure she will do well in her gracie academy job
  12. ok so that 1 diva but wwe miss use her anyway!? And other then who else Layla but that not anymore either! AJ FUCKIN SUCK AS A WRESTLER! Which is why she has been a GM and Manger b/c he "crazy" gimmick is over! But that all she suck in the ring! Someone like kayila should NEVER have even won NXT season 3 it should have been Namoi She won the vote she WAS MORE OVER IN THAT SHOW! And she best wrestler diva in the show I know she b/c just recaly she won the vote thing at the TLC PPV whne she is hardly EVER use and yet she won voteing all she is, is B.GAY dacer watse HER TEANET! ON BS HOUSE SHIT! Namoi Should be the Diva WWE just did not want 2 black diva even though this one was WAY FUCKIN 110% TIMES BETTER THEN FUCKIN A.FOX! :pipebomb:
  13. :no: I AM A MEN! WTF!?
  14. Nope , u changed gender :yes:
  16. A-A-April .... Or you??? I would mark so hard for u , just imagine urself in those santas helper dresses


    I do it with love :kiss:
  17. Love how you make random racism comments AND gay jokes, then tell people they cant bull you. You are a joke Rammy, it just takes some people (@Crayo) longer to get it. Go fuck yourself.
  18. IT NOT FUNNY! AND I AM GUY! NOW :gtfo: !
  19. Where was he racist?
  20. He isnt being racist as much as using racism as a ploy to announce his displeasure with the fact he thinks wwe dropped the ball by dropping divas such as KellyKelly and the Bella's. Race card played.
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