Evolution Evolution: 1st-Ever All-Women's PPV

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Solid Snake, Jul 24, 2018.

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  1. May as well make a thread for this.

    On Monday's episode of WWE Raw, Stephanie McMahon announced the revolution would continue with the first-ever women-only pay-per-view on October 28, dubbed Evolution.

    While the event is still months away, McMahon noted the PPV would feature women's Superstars from the past, present and future of the company, kicking the WWE Universe's dream matchmaking minds into hyperdrive.

    Love it? Hate it? Match predictions/ideas? Discuss!
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  2. I'm already tired of this PPV and it's not airing until October.. They get these ideas in their head, usually with the women and they hammer it into your brain so you can't possibly forget there's a women's show coming up... Every segment on RAW was to promote this damn show in October..

    Triple H and Stephanie whispering in everyone's ear, "hey, don't forget to work in this women's show coming up in your promo.. mention it twice if you can"

    So buckle your seat belts everybody, this is going to be RAW for the next 3 months.. They want everybody to pat them on the back for finally giving the women opportunity after treating them like shit for 15 years...There doesn't need to be any big ceremony for this type of shit, it should just be a normal thing now.. They have no shame at all.
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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. It's just a wrestling show that only has woman on a card. Is that something to be pissed off at?
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  5. TNA/IMPACT did an all women's PPV before WWE, so WWE you lied. Also, this is just happening because of all the poop WWE got from "The Greatest Royal Rumble", so this is nothing more than a publicity stunt.
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  6. I realize this is a big deal for most of these women, but let's be real here. The only way the WWE could possibly make the women's division more of a publicity whore at this point would be to have this be the first ever all nude women's wrestling PPV... oh wait, except that's already been done too, over 10 years ago. Smh (shaking my head, not Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley)

    I get that this should be a bigger deal and be taken more seriously, but it's mostly (as others have stated) too little too late. Add to that the fact that all of this is more or less just Steph trying to make herself look better, and give herself a brand to run while daddy runs the main show and hubby runs NXT, as I assume this PPV will be the catalyst for that weekly women's brand show we keep hearing about

    WWE, you're not doing anything new or revolutionary. But keep patting yourselves on the back for shamelessly trying to make amends for the past. Meanwhile the Knockouts, the division who should REALLY be credited for this supposedly revolution, can continue killing it week in and week out like they always have done without the need for a catchy publicity name and a worthless figurehead
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  7. Has this actually been said? If so, here, what I think about that.
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  9. This is the impression I have had for awhile now. They aren't doing it because the women deserve it, they are doing it to make themselves look good. Horrible timing too. This should have been done a few years back. Yeah I get they have more women now than ever and more female talent than they have ever had but it just feels like one giant work to make WWE look like they give a crap about social issues. It is all business with them.
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  10. I'm mildly intrigued just to see if they won't fuck it up. Odds are they will, but part of me would like to think they'd try harder to put on a good show whenever they're using said show for publicity. I'll give it a shot if it's got a few good matches on the card.
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  11. I mean... It might end up being decent but I have no interest. I hope for the sake of the women who have been with this company for years, it does well.
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  14. I agree with this wholeheartedly. And yes, I may be bitter towards the division and the company over this, but that's not towards the women in the division because for the most part they really do deserve it.

    But like you said, it all comes down to business. It's not as though there's only now becoming more than a couple of talented women wrestlers. TNA has had a killer women's roster since around 2006/07. SHIMMER got started in 2005. And Japan has had successful women's divisions for over a couple of decades. WWE has had the money, they've had the platform to showcase these talented women they've been neglecting to sign for years, and yet they are only doing it now to try and take credit for something they had almost no part in creating or revolutionizing, just like they've always done.

    I hope the best for these women and this show. But seriously, fuck you WWE. It's not 1980 anymore. Quit pretending to do anything besides appeasing your stockholders
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  15. should have been called Revolution and it's nice and all but... yeah congrats ladies...
  16. I have like so many ideas & I should be excited
    this is finally happening...


    Fuck it...I can't be bothered...because no matter
    what ideas I cook up...the WWE will just serve
    up some second rate horseshit that will no doubt
    leave everyone who cares disappointed & angry
    & those who don't care stating:

    "See! I told you it wouldn't work! I was right &
    now thankfully I can finally get an erection!"

    The Ladies of the WWE deserve better than the
    bullshit they are given.

    Also what's the bet Trish comes back &
    put Alexa over...because AlexaWinsLOL...


    Bayley vs. Dakota Kai in a "Loser is Sasha's Sex Slave" Match...
  17. Good for the women. Seriously, that's mostly all I have to say about this. I don't care that WWE's motivations, they're a business, I fully expect them to try to maintain good PR and market things as more revolutionary than they actually are in an attempt to garner more interest or adulation. I don't have any plans to watch the PPV at the moment because the damn thing not til the tail-end of October and that feels so far away that even if they had matches announced for it I wouldn't be able to maintain hype for it. And I'm not watching the current product at the moment so I certainly don't mind how they promote it, although I'm sure it will be obnoxious so my thoughts and prayers to anyone actually sticking with WWE TV. At the end of the day, all I care about are the women wrestlers who I'm positive are ecstatic for the event. I hope this pans out for them, both critically and commercially.

    As a final aside, is Sasha vs. Bayley happening at this now instead of SummerSlam like initially reported. I heard they made them all lesbian on Raw, which I'm sure is less delicious than I'm imaging, but that seems like an odd decision if they're going to fight at SummerSlam, so that equals out to like what, almost 11 months of build to a single one-on-one match? That's kinda unheard of in WWE, and granted I hear most of this build hasn't been very good but still.
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    I'm pretty sure its nowhere near as
    delicious as anyone could imagine it...


    Delicious means dirty & kinky right?


    50 Shades of Sasha...

    The "build" has been a complete stop/start train wreck
    & in my own opinion the reason the WWE has dragged
    it on & on past the point of no one caring is because they
    want to keep Sasha & Bayley "busy" while they push Alexa
    & Ronda.

    The fact is Sasha vs. Bayley was done perfectly in NXT
    with both women playing their roles perfectly while giving
    the fans 2 classic matches for the right to hold an important
    & respected title.

    Sasha vs. Bayley on the main roster has been Loser vs. Retard
    for no real reason.

    Wait...Retard is being censored as well?
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  19. The only thing we can really be sure of is that Evolution will be a mystery, full of changes that no one sees.