Evolution 2.0?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Roi, Aug 19, 2013.

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  1. So I was writing a promo for the IWT and this song came out. Plain and Simple. Can you see an evolution 2.0? I mean, maybe not with the same guys, I dont expect Flair or Batista to come back. But... We already have HHH and Orton affiliated. We have some guys lost in the midcard. We have HHH as a authority, and he still wrestle. Orton would become the HHH of the original Evolution. The main piece. With the WWE title. HHH is high on.... Sheamus, who could be something like Batista was back in evolution. The powerhouse. A guy that has already been in the main scene. And was great as a heel. The only problem is that hes injured. And Orton will probably have lost the title when he returns. Then working as the original Orton... you just need to look at the main roster and check out Barrett and a huge list of talent that have nothing better to do. If not, just take someone from NXT. Ohno, Kruger...

    So, a couple of questions..

    Would you like to see a new Evolution? aka Evolution 2.0
    Do you think it will actually happen? Is there any chance?
    Which wrestlers would you like to see if this happens?
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  2. An Evolution re-formation was the first thing that came to mind when Triple H turned on Bryan. Like you said of course it won't be with the same people,so,I think it oughta be consist of Triple H,Randy Orton,and, The Shield. Why The Shield? It's simple,since they haven't really been doing anything what better way to get them back to the main event scene then to align with Triple H and Randy Orton? Plus,with them all being champions it would just go great imo.
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  3. Yeah, a stable kinda came to mind. Suppose it could give a few guys a rub.
  4. I would want a return of Evolution! THoug I have lots of ideas on who should be the "Randy Orton" and the "Batista" of the group...
  5. Oh man, that would be awesome. What a collection of belts they would have! That would also make a larger mountain for Bryan to climb to get the WWE championship again.

    But yeah, to answer the OP's question, a reformation of evolution would be great. I think Big E would be good as the muscle if they don't go with the Shield. Maybe ADR as well? Both big champs in one group. :damn: The chance of it happening though, not so sure.
  6. It sounds interesting, but everything about this new group suggests an updated version of the Corporation rather than Evolution, which I prefer anyway. Vince and Stephanie are both involved and HHH is of a Corporate complexion himself nowadays, not to mention their reasons for screwing over Bryan were business-motivated. Vince and Stephanie being involved in a Evolution revamp doesn't work.
  7. Hey, we have Triple and Orton together, Ric Flair isn't doing anything, you can bring back Mason Ryan... Why not throw the groups together?
    Granted it's a complete waste of Flair, but so was the Miz.
  8. Clearly corporation knock off, not Evolution.
  9. Jeez have some banners why don't you. :badass:
  10. I have plenty of banners
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