Evolution Reunion?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Senhor Perfect, Jan 10, 2013.

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  1. I'd mark for sure.
  2. Highly doubt it will happen. If you're going to do a reunion, revamp the stable HHH as the new Flair, etc.
  3. I'd mark so much. They've been my favorite stable for aslong as I can remember. I really do hope Batista does return for one night, atleast.
  4. I don't care much for these 20 minute reunions tbh
  5. Not a reunion that I'd wanna see at this point. All of them are face and everyone's geting bored of them talking (except maybe Flair).
  6. Would like to see Evolution back for one night, that'd be pretty cool.
  7. I didn't like the group back then and I'm certainly not going to like them now. After all, evolution was a heel stable, so to present them as faces would be boring. There's also no real point to it other than to waste time. Now if they were actually going to be in action then that might change my opinion, but right now, meh. They'll probably end up squashing 3MB
  8. Batista won't come back. Orton's heel (HHH and Flair face). I doubt it. Would be awesome to hear their theme again though.
  9. I would definitely mark if this actually happens, but I highly doubt Batista will return.
  10. Evolution is a mystery...
  11. lolwut? Orton's not heel.
  12. Someone told me he was.. :sad1:
  13. No, he's not. At least not for now. :nope:
  14. Would be a massive waste of a 'Tista return IMO.
  15. Batista is still MMA'ing, right?
  16. And acting. He's apparently in line for a role in a marvel film.
  18. I can't see it happening. If it does, however, I will be shocked.
  19. Man, I'd love to see Batista and Ric Flair come back for a night.
  20. Randy wouldn't fit at all.
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