Evolution suck!!!!!

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  1. Evolution suck!!!!! seriously its just HHH living out his old days when really he should step down as a wrestler and focus on the new talent that will be the future of the company. So HHH got his ass beat by Daniel Bryan and he finally became champion and now HHH cant stop him so he moves onto the Shield and get Evolution to reunite WTF are you serious? lol. Randy/Dave dont give a shit there just doing it for the pay check and more tv time. Dave will soon be gone to promote his movie and Randy I bet will retire by end of the year. And Evolution isnt exactly complete when Flair isnt there so HHH you failed. Evolution should never of reunited and the Shield are the better team
  2. Don't they all do it for a paycheck (amongst other things)? But I do agree that its not a complete evolution reunion without Flair. :woo1:
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  4. I think what they need to do is bring in a new member to be "the future"

    In this Evolution, HHH is the Flair. Orton is the HHH. Batista is still Batista. They need a new Orton.

    I vote for Bo Dallas
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  5. Very good reasoning, I like it. Not sure about the Bo thing though, but thats only cause I don't care for him.
  6. Bo part was essentially a joke. How about Ambrose? Him defecting could be a good way for Evolution to win the first meeting between the two factions, and help add more bad blood between Reigns and HHH.
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  7. Lesnar or Cesaro in Evolution :yes:
  8. :phew: I could see that happening
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  9. Just a quick example of D'Z's creative genius at work. Remember that @IWT GM Voters.
  10. I doubt Evolution will be around for more than a few months tops, so no use speculating on who a good fourth member could be. After The Shield rivalry is finished up, I suspect they'll go their own separate ways again. I know Triple H versus Roman Reigns is a big proposed match for Summerslam, but Randy Orton and Batista also both want another crack at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship (Orton is guaranteed a rematch clause, and Bryan/Batista is obviously a one-on-one feud that will happen at some point... Batista is even a strong candidate for being the one to take the title off of Bryan), and that's gonna lead to them butting heads again at some point by the Summer/Fall. That said, I'm enjoying the reunion for what it is at the moment.
  11. Evolution only sucks now cause no Flair.
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  12. What could a 65-year old man add to the group that three still active performers can't?
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  13. A legacy that none of them will ever have :>
  14. Well, granted, Flair is easily the best talker of the four, but I can do without him these days. The other three carry the group well enough on their own imo. Then again, Hogan sent out a tweet after Raw last night warning Evolution that they better watch out and know what they're dealing with when it comes to The Shield. Which makes me believe that they may pull Flair out of the woodwork to be in Evolution's corner and have Hulk Hogan reappear and be in The Shield's corner. That way, they'd have two legends (whom have history and bad blood with one another, just for the historical reference there) in each group's corner for their eventual battle(s.) Urgh.
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  15. I'd personally like it if they did that, just has to be done correctly without being overdone.
  16. Elbow dropping a suit jacket. Nuff said :tough:
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  17. What she meant was it's not as good without the:woo1:Right?

  18. It's going to be Daniel Bryan. Not right away, but eventually.
    Exactly this. Exactly.
  19. Evolution is pointless now thats so 2003 hey HHH this isnt the early 2000's anymore. HHH is a disgrace he is in management now and he should be focusing on all the young talent in NXT and helping them be the future of the company
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