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Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Stopspot, Apr 9, 2015.

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  1. EVOLVE 41
    Friday, April 17th, 2015
    Bell Time - 9pm EST
    ACW KICKOFF! - 8pm
    The Orpheum
    1915 E. 7th Avenue
    Ybor City, FL

    The Main Event - 2/3 Falls - The Winner Will Get An EVOLVE Title Shot In The Future
    Roderick Strong vs. Timothy Thatcher

    These two had a classic last time in Orlando, after the end of the WWN Supershow this rivalry is heating up fast and now a title shot is on the line

    Bonus Main Event
    Johnny Gargano vs. Davey Richards
    Richards looks to climb into title contention while Gargano needs to rebound from the last event

    Special Challenge Match
    Rich Swann vs. Ethan Page
    Page refuses to wrestle Gargano, but will take on his Ronin partner

    Pro Wrestling Clinic
    Biff Busick vs. TJ Perkins
    Busick feels TJP stole the victory from him at the WWN Supershow, now they battle one-on-one

    Special Attraction Match #1
    Caleb Konley with So Cal Val vs. Rey Horus
    Horus blew away EVOLVE officials in the King Of Indies tournament in San Jose, now he will debut against one of EVOLVE's top competitors

    Special Attraction Match #2
    Anthony Nese with So Cal Val vs. Martin Stone
    Stone looks to establish himself against half of the DGUSA Open The United Gate Champions

    EVOLVE 42
    Saturday, April 18th, 2015
    Bell Time - 7 PM EST
    Barnett Park & Gym
    4801 W. Colonial Dr.
    Orlando, FL 32808

    DGUSA Open The United Gate Title Street Fight
    Caleb Konley & Anthony Nese with So Cal Val defend vs. Johnny Gargano & Rich Swann
    This long running feud will conclude in a street fight in Orlando in the last time Swann will face The Premiere Athlete Brand

    Top Contenders Collide
    Roderick Strong vs. Biff Busick
    This contest between two hard-hitters will have major ramifications on the top 10 ratings

    Pro Wrestling Clinic
    Timothy Thatcher vs. TJ Perkins
    Two of the best technicians in the world will test their skills against each other in Orlando

    First Time Ever
    Davey Richards vs. Trevor Lee
    One of the current best against one of the hottest upcomers on the independents

    High Flying Challenge
    Andrew Everett vs. Rey Horus
    Two of the best new aerial artists collide when Everett returns to EVOLVE

    Special Attraction Match
    Ethan Page vs. Martin Stone
    Both men look to establish themselves in the ratings

    Two interesting cards. Half the shows look like real fun, and the other half looks real iffy.

    Shame that Konley is going to be used to put over Horus in his debut most likely, since Gabe has apparently forgotten how to book a champion not named Galloway.

    Source: Gabe's newsletter.
  2. I'm not as high on Thatcher as some execution geeks, but that match with Roddy has a serious MOTYC potential.
  3. Nice! I'll be watching for sure.
  4. Those cards look good, gotta say.
  5. What's with TNA stars showing up on WWN shows, Gen Next and Davey Richards. Am I missing something?

    Anyways, Trevor Lee vs. Davey Richards is the most exciting, imo.
  6. You're missing that TNA is a dying company that doesn't have any live events and wrestlers eat food and pay bills too, just like us.
  7. What Bort said. TNA cannot afford to pay all their roster full time pay, so they have negged on the whole "only working for TNA" part
  8. But I'm assuming they still can't show up on TV, right? Also, if they're working Gabe can they work PWG also? Just wondering.
  9. Yeah TV is the no go
  10. Oh yeah forgot TNA got Hogan'd into the fucking grave.
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