Evolve EVOLVE 47 [Results]

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Prince Bálor, Aug 16, 2015.

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  2. This was a very good event!

    - Williams vs Biff Busick was a stellar, enjoyable show opener. ***¾
    Dayumn, was the homestretch fun. Biff got a near-fall off of a Half Nelson Suplex, followed by a Diving Uppercut.
    Afterwards, they started pounding at each other, trading uppercuts, slaps and such.
    Ultimately, Tracy would counter Biff's choke into a Spike DDT, which looked like Bloody Sunday and would score a submission victory with Crossface.

    - Drew Gulak vs Swann was solid. **½
    Highlight of the match was the finish itself, though.
    Swann went for a Standing 450, but Gulak kicked him straight in the face and got the win!
    It was simple and sweet, but kinda made Gulak's earlier arm work mean nothing.
    I hate to nitpick here, but if you build that narrative up and then ignore it in the finishing sequence, then what was it all for?
    Okay, nevermind. I liked that finish anyway.

    Post-match, Gulak cut a promo saying 'This is exactly what Catch Point is about. It's about being aggressive, and not spending so much time dancing and going for the win!'
    He also said that he owed Gargano one and he will also fall to the Catch Point. Gargano said anytime.
    Gargano then cut a promo on Ethan Page, hyping their Anything Goes match later in the co-main event.
    Thatcher came out afterwards and spoke about Gargano (the last time they were in NY) wanting Galloway to hand over Open The Freedom Gate title and leave the past in the past.
    Thatcher would then hand the title to Gargano, rendering it vacant and inactive.
    Now, it's safe to say that the Open The Freedom Gate title is gone, as well as Open The United Gate tag titles, so that officially ends the association with Dragon Gate.

    - Chris Hero vs 'Speedball' Mike Bailey was effin' great. ****¼
    The match lasted around 12 minutes, but man, did they beat the living hell out of each other!
    It was enjoyable to watch.

    - Nese & Konley vs Baretta & Horus was good, I'd say. ***
    The match was dragging a little bit and should've ended sooner, but it was good overall.

    - Ethan Page vs Johnny Gargano was a good brawl. ***
    This was fun and was moving along well till Swann hit the ring and LOL. SWERVE!
    He superkicked Gargano and helped Page pick up the win.
    Swann turning heel didn't feel special at all, but it does fit into the storyline and adds another chapter to it.
    If they'd done the turn at EVOLVE 48, where Gargano was scheduled to face a mystery opponent of Page's choosing, the turn wouldn't have been awkward like it was here, it'd have been great.

    - EVOLVE Title match: Timothy Thatcher vs Zack Sabre was a great, highly enjoyable and HQ main event! ****½
  3. Swann turning on Gargano in a similar fashion to how Gargano turned on Swann. sweets.

    Evolve lost my interests when DGUSA and the Evolve title got merged, two champions = two great matches per event.
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