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Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Roadster, Sep 19, 2015.

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    WWN's main promotion here. Easier than to make a single thread for simple news.
  2. [​IMG]
    Evolve 49: Matthew Riddle vs. Jonathan Gresham
    Evolve 50: Matthew Riddle vs. Chris Dickinson
  3. DGUSA is officially dead so that prefix can be removed.

    Evolve 47 was show of the year for them, Evolve 48, not so much. The grapplefuck direction they are heading in is interesting but they are going to have to establish a couple of new guys quick since Gulak and Busick are heading to Orlando. Riddle is a good start if he is as good as they say. And Gresham should have been one of the first brought in when they went grapplefuck.

    Also, admin's note: While the discussion thread is a good idea. If anyone feels that they have something related to the subject that is big enough to deserve its own thread, make one. At worst it just gets merged into this one.

    Just so we don't stop getting threads as well.
  4. Had no idea they were shut down. Would make more sense if EVOLVE stopped using their domain.
  5. They've been dead for 2 years but it's only been official since earlier this year when the tag belts were retired and the DGUSA belt was retired at 47. It's only a prop in the Gargano/Page feud now.

    Dragon Gate stopped having any interest in DGUSA a while back and the tough tour schedule in Japan made it hard to get talent over to the states, which was the point of DGUSA to begin with. It wasn't a poisonous split since Gabe was happy to see it go since it was hard booking a promotion based around Japanese talent without Japanese talent.
  6. Willie Mack will debut in October. :woohoo:
  7. Thatcher is the man.
  8. ^ Definitely. He's grown on me a lot.
  9. I've always liked Thatcher. If he had more of a character, it would be 100x better. But the 'I can wrestle' gimmick is pretty bland, cheesy and old.
  10. Talk about two different type of guys they are making Riddle work. Gresham is perfect since he's a super solid veteran who is going to do everything to make Riddle and himself look as good as possible. But Dickinson on the other hand is by all accounts a massive dickhead with a history of going into business for himself. He'll probably make Riddle look like garbage.
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  11. What a over-generalization right there. Dickinson is not even a Top 10 fuck-up of this decade. Do you honestly think Gabe would book him if that was his notoriety? Dickinson had legit one of the best indie matches this year with none other than Low-Ki, in JAPW. All this "make him look terrible" talk is so childish.
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  12. EVOLVE 50 Match Card - Courtesy WWN Newsletter

    EVOLVE Title Match
    Timothy Thatcher defends vs. Drew Gulak/Trevor Lee winner at EVOLVE 49

    Tag Team Main Event Grudge Match
    Roppongi Vice vs. The Premier Athlete Brand

    Special Challenge Match #1
    Willie Mack vs. Drew Gulak/Trevor Lee loser at EVOLVE 49

    Special Challenge Match #2
    TJ Perkins vs. Tracy Williams

    Special Attraction Match
    Matt Riddle vs. Chris Dickinson

    If i'm not mistaken this seems to be Willie Mack's debut, but I may be wrong. Haven't looked at the 49 match card. Anyways, I want Thatcher vs. Lee, Gulak vs. Thathcher has had a history of turning me off to the show or putting me to sleep. I'm not to into what they produce, but Trevor Lee on the other hand is a fucking beast. That needs a shot. I look forward to Riddle's match, so I can see what he brings to the ring. Thoughts?
  13. Nice card!

    Nah, Mack debuts on the 49 card against Tracy Williams, dude.

    Also looking forward to Riddle/Dickinson, 'cause I ain't ever heard of 'em.
  14. I remember the first Evolve show I watched had Thatcher/Gulak as the opener. It was quite good, pure mat wrestling was quite fresh for me at the time. If Gulak challenges it'd be pretty cool, as not only would the match be awesome but there's the story that Tim never beat Drew, so at the I guess "big" 50 show he finally beats his greatest rival.
  15. I think it's kind of a new brainer that Tim is gonna win. Gabe built this guy up and pushed him to the moon, and to have him lose (again) to his best competition is pretty lame and counter-productive move.
  16. Is Davey Richards still out with injury? 'cause I remember Thatch saying he wants an EVOLVE title match with Davey.
  17. Evolve is closing in on their 50th show. Let that sink in, 50th. And somehow it doesn't really feel that special. It doesn't sound like it'll be that big milestone show it should be.

    It needs some serious oomph.
  18. Davey Richards is too busy getting ready for Bound for Glory. He has a big tag title match against Myers/Lee.
  19. The only ones that did feel special, imo, were 10 and 40.
  20. Well, certainly. It'll still be great, though.
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