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  1. TLDR:

    1. The next Evolve shots will be a reboot and relaunch point for Evolve.

    2. From now on every Evolve show forward will be put on immediate DVD distribution. Classics will follow.

    3. The point and ranking system will be reworked and re-instated.

    WWNlive is the source
  2. Sounds good, considering you just had that thread about rebooting Evolve/DGUSA. Perhaps Gabe lurks here? Possible. Idk Stop, I feel like I have nothing to do most of the time. Would you recommend I jump into Evolve in these new shows?
  3. Tbf to Gabe he has been asking fans for what they want to see with the reboot on his facebook (and boy have I pestered him there) :otunga:
  4. Nice. (answermyquestionpls)
  5. And yes Leo. I say jump in on Evolve with these shows. Depending on the cards i'll order one, maybe all three shows just to support Gabe actually doing DVDs.

    I like the idea of bringing back the ranking system.
  6. Alright then, sounds good.
  7. Interested to see the cards tbh and if there will be any new talent in on it.

    On the topic of DGUSA: Gabe said "We really don't know right now so we'll rather say nothing until we know. Focus is on Evolve right now". Paraphrased but yeah.
  8. Well it is encouraging they are sorting out the DVDs, ranking system return should be good. Makes matches more important. Depends if they give some new talent exposure. It is a step in the right direction but it would need more to make me watch regularly.
  9. This whole concept of a points-based wrestling show sounds incredible!
  10. @POP TATARI @THG? Since you guys are peeps I know have watched Evolve in the past. But anyone is of course allowed to jump in on this as well.

    With this reboot, who would you like to see Gabe bring in when it comes to new talent, or allow to take more space?

    I'd like to see Tim Donst and Josh Alexander return and take more prominent spots on the roster, along with Biff and Gulak. That's a nice set of talent there that Gabe can build on.

    As for new faces: I'd think I'd enjoy Dickinson for at least a short run (I know he has a reputation of being hard to negotiate with), and David Starr to be brought in and team with Dunn. More tag gold for the Juicy Product plz
  11. All the Beyond guys pls. Team Tremendous, Dickinson, Juicy Product, Buxx Belmar, Danny Cannon, etc. Beaver Boys too.
  12. Danny cannon is not bad, very dynamite kid like.
  13. Reminds me a lot of Davey. Oozing intensity.
  14. Does he also have Davies flaws?
  15. I can't really judge since I've just seen one match of his, but from what I saw, I really liked the guy (and so did the crowd). But I've heard he's been making some noise in the indy circuit (most notably Dreamwave wrestling).
  16. As long as he doesn't have Davies flaws like "fuck psychology, all moves, all intense" and such, I'm for giving the dude a shot.

  17. Here are the full Evole 31 and 32 cards.

    Not sure how I feel about the focus on singles matches. It is cool and unique. But I'll miss tag matches since they are pretty nifty when done right and is a good way to introduce a couple of guys to the roster. But I get that Gabe is trying to make Evolve stand out (God knows I among other fans have dogged him about that) by giving it more of a sports focus so I'll live with it.
  18. Ricochet vs sydal sounds pretty good. Gargano vs konley sounds tasty
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