Evolve Evolve iPPV results

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Senhor Perfect, Apr 6, 2013.

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  3. The tag match ended with SSB hitting the fatality, live reports from the arena said the match was good. The opening four way was also said to be really good. WWN needs to fix their IPPv equipment though.
  4. IPPV is pretty new tech right? Maybe buildings aren't prepped for it. Especially since America has horrible internet to begin with.
  5. ROH has being doing them for 2 years minimum that I can find and always have issues, surely they should have been worked out by now if you're continuing the model. Especially with such a small userbase to begin with. Doesn't 'Murrica have fibre optic all over the country?
  6. I don't think alot of Murrica has fiber optics. I think like 80% of the country is on ADSL.
    Gabe posted on twitter that they have gotten a new connection now and are spending all night and early day testing it so that the rest of the shows will run smoothly. From what I have read as reports from people there it was a good card. Nothing that was great or five star but everything was okay.
  7. That does surprise me, still good work by Gabe.
  8. I'm pretty confident Fox and Cima will drop the united gate belts tonight with Fox winning the Evolve belt. I don't see them running him as a double champ if they want to run more evolve events this year. Since being united gate champ would send him to Japan on some tours. But this means we will get the bucks in Japan :yay:
  9. Superkicks
  10. They have promised a lot of superkicks. The WWNlive alert said so. "The young bucks promise a plentitude of super kicks".
  11. Gabe has just reported that the new connection and streaming tech is working flawlessly.
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