Evolve EVOLVE sees changes & updates

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  1. This should be interesting to see how it all pans out. Looking forward to learning more about the upcoming matches next week and any other changes they may have in store.
  2. This sounds awesome.
  3. Agreed. It seems like they're handling it properly and heading in the right direction. Should bring about some positive changes. I love that they actually sat down to review and discuss the overall product and ways to make it better -- figuring out what works and what doesn't, etc. Good on them.
  4. I watched the entire feedback process on twitter when it happened. Was very interesting.

    If Evolve can build a stable roster (which they seem) and if they could start running monthly shows I could see them overtake ROH in the future if all goes well.
  5. I missed that, but I bet it would have been cool to watch as it unfolded.

    I do think they're headed in a great direction, and if they continue the way they are then I agree they'll be a big contender.
  6. Totally. They have guys like Callihan, Low Ki, Gargano, Taylor, Del Sol and Ricochet right now and even if Callihan and Del Sol end up being WWE bound they will do well. Plus with Evolve being the American roster of DGUSA they can throw in some of Japans greatest when given the chance. I can also see a couple of ROH guys jumping ship in the future perhaps to work under Gabe again.
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