Evolve's hottest prospects, NXT breakouts?

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Dirtsheet, Oct 15, 2015.

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    WWE NXT has established itself as the proving ground for up-and-coming WWE Superstars, but where do prospects polish their skills before entering into WWE’s farm system? NXT talent scouts have discovered future stars everywhere from Olympic wrestling teams to Brazilian Sambo tournaments, but no area has produced brighter stars than the American independent wrestling scene.

    In particular, the EVOLVE promotion, based out of New York and Florida, has emerged as a prime spot to catch future Superstars honing their craft before making the big time. Gabe Sapolsky, WWN Vice President of Talent Relations, knows that EVOLVE is more than capable of cranking out talent ready for the high-octane style of NXT, while providing fans with a guaranteed adrenaline rush.

    Get more info on EVOLVE | EVOLVE on Twitter

    “You’re going to see a lot of action, high-flying, mat work and even some brawling. You’re going to see everything,” Sapolsky told WWE.com. “The biggest thing is, you’re going see the new wave of Superstars. If you look at the WWE roster, a lot of them came from EVOLVE and WWN. You’ll see the next wave of Superstars and be able to follow them from the start.”

    EVOLVE’s track record on that front speaks for itself, as competitors like Daniel Bryan, Dean Ambrose, Kalisto, Solomon Crowe and Apollo Crews have all made their way through the promotion. In hopes of finding out who the next breakout star to make his way to NXT might be, WWE.com spoke with Sapolsky to get the scouting reports on EVOLVE’s hottest prospects — including one young star who may have already blown you away.

    EVOLVE comes to Queens, N.Y. this Saturday and Long Island, N.Y. this Sunday. Both shows will feature a special autograph signing and appearance from NXT Superstar Sami Zayn. For more information on the shows, including tickets, visit DGUSA.tv.
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  2. Love me some of EVOLVE guys, they could have some great matches with our boys from NXT.
  3. Was saying on this on Skype, but Neese would be a really good fit for NXT.
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  4. WWE promoting EVOLVE and it's shows. That's something.

    Cool that EVOLVE is getting a well-deserved spotlight.
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  5. Gonna sound like a hipster but here's my summary of all the people on the list.

    wrestlefuck/Silver Ant
    British wrestlefuck
  6. Stop went away to buffer his banter chops, great.
  7. I've had a long day.

    Also there's no denying that Evolve is wrestlefuck land. It is their niche.
  8. I'm fine with it, honestly. It's better than most other independents. They showcase a lot of great talent.

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  9. Page is one of my favorites in EVOLVE, diggin' his heel work a lot.
  10. Evolve has a lot of flaws tho.
    Booking is pretty stale, up until recently they had no direction whatsoever. An inconsistent roster which makes their ratings system gimmick inconsistent and they flip flop on so much it is hard to keep track.

    They produce good matches but it is far from Gabe's best work. The only reason Evolve is even getting this rub is because ROH grew too big for WWE to use as their "king of the indies" feeder system/this is where our stars came from place.

    I've watched Evolve since it started, I like it overall but they are going to need to put a lot more attention on the booking and more work into the shows for it to get back to the glory days.
  11. Early Evolve was magnificent. They gave many guys their big break. Bobby Fish is one of them.
  12. Maffew of Botchamania fame did point something interesting out.

    Sabre Jr isn't really an Evolve talent. He does not compete regularly for Evolve since he is so seldom in the states.
  13. Well, he's been there a couple of times recently. I guess he's a bigger star worldwide than most of the other Evolve guys, so why not put him there? It is just a wwe.com list, after all.
  14. But he's not there regularly enough to be classed as Evolve talent imo.
  15. That is fair, but I was explaining why Evolve might want him listed.
  16. How about some hot chicks? :yes::woo:
  17. Nia Jax not doing it for you?
  18. idk who that is
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