Evolve Evolve's rule system - How would you tweak it?

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Stopspot, Mar 17, 2013.

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    Evolve is an American independent promotion run by former ROH owner Gabe Sapolsky, like ROH's old pure division it functions under a set of rules. This to help push Evolve's image of being the evolution of wrestling as a sport. I'll try and summarize the rules so that even if you don't follow the promotion you get an idea.

    - Evolve focuses a lot on wrestlers win/loss records. This was up until recently used as the way to rank the wrestlers and determine who was at the top and who was at the bottom. With the crowning of a Evolve champion at Wrestlecon this system will need to be reworked some how.

    - Evolve also focuses on rules. You are not allowed to attack a wrestler unless it is in a match, if you're backstage you can not brawl with your rival unless you are willing to be punished for it. You can also not hit below the belt, use foreign objects or similarly. These rules in my opinion makes the show interesting but they could use some tweaking, maybe add some rules to it and make them more clear.

    - Evolve also puts a lot of focus on a wrestlers style. Wrestlers who use different styles combat somewhat regularly in the "styles tournament" were you crown the best style in wrestling.

    how would you tweak these rules to be their best?

    I'd personally keep the win/loss records as a part of the promotion. Rework them in some way so that they keep relevance even with the title belt being the shows top price. Maybe they can play into some sort of mid card title of sort or other type of tournament.

    For the rules I'd keep the no physical contact between matches rule and put a lot of focus on it since it can help build tension in feuds. I'd add the 3 rope breaks rule from ROH's pro division. Basically I'd clear the rules up more and then create a stipulation match which means that neither rule applies (basically a no dq match under another name) to help settle personal rivalries.

    I'd also make the Styles battle tournament a recurring event yearly which would be a sort of King of the Ring tournament were wrestlers who use various styles compete and the winner becomes the King of Styles and he will also receive a shot at the Evolve Champion during the up coming year. Merging elements from the old Styles tournament, survival of the fittest and the rumble.
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