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  1. Just a place for people who play, who can post their shows on here and everything!
  2. Googled EWR, still no idea what it is. :hmm:
  3. It's a fantasy booking game, where you are the booker of any number of promotions. You book events, feuds and matches. You control a lot of thing, like the development of a match, the purpose of a match (to put over someone; the build to a future match etc etc). It's a great game, a far more detailed and expanded concept is present in the TEW series.

    EWR Download (Free): EWR
    TEW 2005 Download (Free): Grey Dog Software
    TEW 2013 Download: Grey Dog Software

    I can give you my license if you want to play the full TEW 2013 game.
  4. Do you play EWR?
  5. Yes I do. I also play TEW 2005 and TEW 2013, to a varying degree (too complicated). I also play Wrestling Spirit (kind of boring) and I play World of MMA 3.
  6. What Year is your EWR set in? @Tsar
  7. My current game: WWF September 1999 (I started in a May 1996 mod)

    My current champions:

    WWF - Chris Jericho (Held since July)
    WWF IC - Undertaker (Held since July 1998)
    WWF TV - Brian Pillman (Held since July)
    WWF Tag Team - Owen Hart/Davey Boy Smith (Held since June)
    WWF Lightweight - Tajiri (Won a week ago from Super Crazy due to interference from Shane Douglas)
  8. Cool, I have a 2012 one - I am starting at Mania

    WWE - CM Punk
    WHC - Sheamus
    US - Santino
    Tag - Kofi and R-Truth
    IC - Christian
  9. And I play on Mac
  10. and also @Tsar I am going to post quick results of my shows, If you would like to as well?
  11. Been playing an ROH save on EWR for a while. The game started in January 2015 and it's currently in March 2016.

    My roster is pretty much ROH/PWG with a few guys from WWE that I brought back to the company and gave them their original names.

    World Champ: Bryan Danielson
    TV Champ: Kevin Steen
    Tag Team Champs: Kings of Wrestling
  12. Started TEW 2013.

    Ran NOAH for about 6 months before jumping to EVOLVE.
  13. Well, I am gonna start a PWG 2012 one!
  14. I'm doing a 2016 WWE save (because this is when wwe were at a low leading to mania and I can do it better *wink*) I got off the old net. Kept most of the roster but got rid of all old timers and just waste of talents (rip Big Show and Kane).. So the signings I made are
    Alex Avgerinos
    Ayako Hamada
    Buck Child
    Dragon Lee
    Io Shirai
    The Brisco Brothers
    Kay Lee Ray
    Zack Sabre JR

    All the names mentioned above are still in development (except for The Brisco Brothers) my next ppv is Night of Champions, But here's a screen shot of my best ppv rating
    My Champions are
    WWE Intercontinental - ShinSuke Nakamura
    WWE MITB - Kevin Owens
    WWE TagTeam - The Brisco Brothers
    WWE United States - Jay Brisco
    WWE Womans - Sasha Banks
    WWE World Heavy Weight - Seth Freaking Rollins.
  15. AHA! Fellow EWR people!

    Hey everyone, I'm Geek, coming here from TWF, above me is Scat from TWF, and soon there'll be more people, from TWF. TWF, TWF.

    Anyway, over there I ran an EWR challenge where everyone competed with booking WWE in 2016. We all used the same update, working through the same month at the same time, ranking by show score. Here's the thread on TWF with more details and the rules: Video Games - The EWR Challenge! (WWE 2016)

    I'm going to be setting up the exact same thread on this site, which will be open to everyone, in the next few days - I hope some of you would be interested in joining up for some bants and competition! If you have any challenge-related queries just reply <3
  16. Well. I have one in May 2015, but with a September 2015 mod, so I have Seth as US champ still! I may start a 2016 one soon!
  17. It's defo an interesting time to book, with all the formerly inaccessible NJPW talent.
  18. TEW2016 demo out :O
  19. TEW 2016 full version is out, I'm currently running an organic save.
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