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  1. Just thought I'd make a thread so that myself, @[Leo C], @[R'Albin], @[Dolph'sZiggler] and whoever else who wants to discuss the games and move out of the MITB thread.

    I've downloaded the game and also downloaded quite a few graphics for EWR, so I'm going to load it up now and hopefully see if everything has been placed in the correct folders.

    Was unsure where to put a couple of things though.
  2. Good that you created the thread. I think a fight was about to break out there or something. I'll call D'Z so he can help you with mod installing in EWR, I don't really remember how to do it. :dawg:
  3. I never bothered with graphics, pictures, or logos. Always assumed it would just make things load slower
  4. If it starts to run slow then I'll just remove them, at least I know the update is defiantly working though, so thats the main thing.
  5. Yea I just DL'd the updated rosters from June as well. I always start with smaller promotions but I went with WWE this time. I'm going to push Ziggler to the moon while I job out scrubs like Orton and Cena :jeritroll:
  7. I always use graphics, the game feels sort of empy without it, I think.


    It's always great doing that. I'm not currently playing with WWE, but I did job Cena out to Ziggler in my last save if I recall correctly.
  8. Yeah I've just started a game with WWE too, what better way to get used to a game other than diving straight into a big organization, still, I am playing on easy :haha:
  9. I might do the backyard thing actually, it was the constant shows that put me off double double e.
  10. Backyard thing?
  11. Always start with WWE when you're getting used to the game. It's the way to go.

    It happened to me to. Four shows a week? :haha:
  12. You can delete shows before you start if you want. I should have done away with NXT before I started.
  13. Wedensday Night Warzone it is!

    I never knew that Dolph's, if I ever go WWE again I'll bare that in mind.

    What kind of budget should I give to my new promotion?
  14. In EWR I don't know how to make it work without going bankrupt. I'd give myself a good amount of money if i'm doing it for the first time.
  15. I've never created a new promotion.. if I wanted to use something smaller I always just used ROH or one of the NWA promotions. TNA is my favorite to use so I can quickly get on WWE's level and go to war with them.
  16. Aww for christ sake I've accidentally removed WWE and TNA, how can I get them back :dawg:
  17. Start a new game probably :lol:
  18. Yea you'll have to start a new game.

    Ry you should do your first one as ROH. Only one show a week and a great roster to work with but not unlimited cash like with WWE.
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