EX-NFL CHEERLEADER Accused of Grabbing 12-Year-Old's Penis

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Mar 21, 2013.

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  1. http://www.tmz.com/2013/03/21/nfl-cheerleader-elizabeth-garner-charged-12-year-old-sexual-battery-rape/


    According to law enforcement, Garner -- who is married -- is accused of following the 12-year-old to the bathroom during a party last month hosted by the boy's mother, grabbing his penis over his shorts ... and attempting to remove them in order to perform oral sex on him.

    The boy escaped, told his mother what happened ... and the mother then informed authorities. According to police, the boy said Garner asked if he'd ever been with a woman.

    :cornette: that kid is going to be the laughing stock of his middle school
  2. The boy's a little stupid, I'd let her fuck me and then I'd tell that. I'd get a pleasure moment with her and then in the judgement she'd be declared as guilty and I'd get an economic benefit.
  3. What an idiot! These kids nowadays get into these fantasy scenarios and have to run their mouths. WTF dude? :facepalm:
  4. How will the cops react?

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  5. I was trying to think "OK, how young is 12?" but he must be in 6th/7th grade. Dude in 7th grade I was running around trying to fingerbang chicks.

    He failed. He did bad and he should feel bad.
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  6. She's not that bad looking xD. Still why would you complain ;_:?
  7. 12 years old is the time when you get random boners for no reason. Having her just follow me would have me standing at attention,
  8. When I was in 6th/7th grade I tried to touch a girl's tits but i failed... I was a really perverted man.
  9. I had a 'girlfriend' in 6th grade. She didn't ever try to touch my penis, but I"m pretty sure if she had I wouldn't have went and told my mom about it.
  10. I wouldn't too, it's such stupid... And she's an experienced woman, she'd do it much better...
  11. I had sex for the first time in 7th grade. What a dweeb
  12. If the roles were reversed though, absolutely disgusting.
  13. Yeah, but you were already in your late teens by that point. :haha: I kid, of course.

    Anyway, good to know that males aren't the only sick pedophiles in the world, I guess..
  14. Strange isn't it a girl touches an underage guy he get's he's a pussy who should have hit yet if it's the opposite it's disgusting, odd society we live in Daniel Bryan Danielson Bryaniselson Brynel.
  15. Agree, but that`s because you`d imagine most girls would be forced into doing something, whereas most boys would do it willingly.
  16. YUP! I actually posted a thread about this topic awhile back. I won't rehash it here but it was an interesting read.
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  17. As fucked up as it sounds, it's true.
  18. Someone posted a video a long while ago of some ten year old rapper who was rapping around half naked adult women and rapping a tune about some pretty adult stuff (hint: sexually related) and pretty much everyone laughed and agreed that it was disgusting and just silly. You don't hear as often about female pedos, though.
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  19. I'd beat the shit out of that kid if he was my son.

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