Ex-WWE Announcer Speaks on Warrior Award

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lackin, Apr 3, 2015.

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    He does make some good points.
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  2. @Lackin please post at least a bit of the article and not just a link to it in the future.

  3. That's a very long read. Really don't care about HoF so meh
  4. LONG read. But well written and I agree with a lot of what he said.

    I don't get why WWE wouldn't have just told the real story here. I don't fault them for doing good things and showing that they do help people, but they couldve just told the story as it wAs.
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  5. tl;dr - Too long; didn't read
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  6. Lol got it
  7. Alrighty, then
  8. He raises some very valid points here. Strictly this was NOT what Warrior wanted, he wanted people involved with the WWE to get fair recognition, I am pretty sure a Mark Yeaton type was exactly who he had in mind when he made his speech. Somewhere it did change and it became very bound up with Dana Warrior... I felt her involvement at the HOF went too far and detracted from Bryan and Connor's story. But this is the essence of what Roberts is saying, that however much Connor may have touched the PEOPLE within WWE, the handling of this by the company has become a PR exercise first. It's inevitable in any situation like this, to the guys in WWE themselves it's a few minutes of their time to speak to Connor that first time, or out of a dull day backstage for the facetimes... those things are easy to do. But once WWE starts flying the family in for Mania etc, there has to be an element of "payoff" and thats where the story will spin. Individuals make donations cos they can, companies do for a reason. Is this sour grapes? Perhaps, but not in the "disgruntled employee" way. There will be big part of Justin Roberts that would legit be upset that he was "cut out" of this. It is clear Bryan would induct but would it have killed WWE to invite him to the ceremony? Even if he had "closed the door", even as a guest of the family? No... would it have hurt for him to be acknowledged in the speech that Steve gave? No, but someone in WWE told him to talk about Dana Warrior instead. It was cloying and you could see Steve was uncomfortable with it. I don't think WWE has "twisted" anything, I just think more that they had "two birds", they had to acknowledge Connor AND Warrior at this event and did so with the easiest, straightline method. Things like Big E. not being the guy involved or Roberts not being allowed to announce "the match" in favor of Trips... sure that might be a little bit of WWE "maximising publicity potential", as the image of Trips being "KO'd" and pinned would have more impact from WWE's point of view, but also from the fundraising side of things... By the time that happened they already had an idea Connor's Cure was coming. It's hard to criticise Trips and Steph, but again perhaps the "classy" thing to do was involve Justin rather than not allow him to be. It could read as bitter, "hey this was me and they hijacked it" but I don't think it is, this is a guy who already knew he was on the outs with WWE, did a very noble and good thing and feels they have stolen that from him... like I said, it would have cost little for them to let him get a mention in the speech at least and he would no doubt have been fine... It's similar to the Scotty/Rikishi beef, you don't need the "I did this" acknowledgement, just the "thanks for your part"... if you don't get that then it can really hurt, especially for something as meaningful as taking a dying child and his family under your wing and to your heart. WWE is often accused of lacking class, they have done a lot right with this and the Dana Warrior stuff but they just missed out on being spot on... they let Dana ramble a bit, make it as much about her as her husband almost and she got more time than Randy's whole induction for example... Steve would be blameless, he was clearly not comfortable talking on stage and would do as told/suggested... Ultimately (no pun intended) the award may differ next year, but the first one after Warrior's death was always gonna be awkward... Next year I doubt Dana will be in attendance/involved, her part in this is now over to an extent. It's just a little bit of a shame that the two had to be intertwined because both deserved their own special moments.
  9. Ace Ventura?
  10. Yes, sir
  11. In that case, "like a glove!"
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  12. As much as I wanted to think what a sweet thing the whole situation was, I did constantly think 'ah but it's just all for publicity'. But they made some money for charity so I can't completely blast them.
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  13. WWE Issues Response To Justin Roberts' Blog On Connor Michalek's WWE Hall Of Fame Induction

    Source: http://www.wrestlinginc.com/wi/news...se-to-justin-roberts-blog-on-connor-michalek/
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